Finally The Dark Shadows Movie

May this year according to IMDB. The picture of Johnny Depp as Barnabas looks absolutely ridiculous. At least they didn’t cast Helen Carter as Josette. Despite everything I remain hopeful that it will be a good movie.

Hmm, checking the cast list; Christopher Lee, and Alice Cooper as himself. How could it not be brilliant?

Did you see the last movie?

In 1967, the idea of a Vampire soap opera seemed pretty unique. Today every third movie or TV show is a vampire soap opera of some sort.

So I think the movie will seem kind of stale, but I guess we’ll find out.

Tim Burton: ruining everything you ever liked in pop culture with his touch.

“I know just what to do! Let’s goth it up a bit!”

The original Barnabas makes a cameo too.

Pretty sure Dark Shadows was pretty well gothed up before Burton got there.

I say this as an ardent fan of the show during its original run: Dark Shadows was poorly written, badly acted, and had production values in line with my grandpa’s home movies. At the time, though, there was nothing else like it on American TV. Today, the original show is nearly unwatchable. This movie almost can’t help but be better. Certainly, the original series had no one remotely as talented as Johnny Depp.
I’ll go see it.

I have been waiting for the Dark Shadows movie for decades. When I heard Tim Burton was making it, starring Johnny Depp, I thought “well, I lived long enough to see the Lord of the Rings movies, and after I see Dark Shadows, I can die happy” ;). Even if it’s a big, stupid embarrassing flop, I can’t wait to see it.

How many decades? A little over 4?

House of Dark Shadows 1970
Night of Dark Shadows 1971

The problem is this: If it’s any good, it’s really not* Dark Shadows*.

That does hit the nail on the head. I kind of enjoyed seeing Johnny Depp in an imitation of Barnabas’ awful greasy hair though. I think I’ll go see it–I once spent a summer giggling my way through re-runs of Dark Shadows.

That won’t stop Mr. Burton from gothing it up some more, I’m sure.

Yeah, but they’re all angsty high-schoolers. A centuries-old immortal who looks older than 23 is unheard of these days.

I remain a fan, even after 40 years [del]in spite of[/del] because of these things. :smiley:

Ah but don’t forget the Dark Shadows mini-series was absolutely incredible.

Bumping because I just saw a trailer for this. I’ve never laughed so hard at a trailer. It should be watched with friends after sharing a pitcher of sangria. Or some other substance conducive to giggling.

My first celebri-crush was Lara Parker as Angelique the witch.

That bad, huh? :frowning:

When was the last truly compelling film, anyway?

No, it’s deliberately funny. Burton is doing it as a comedy. The trailer is hilarious – the best since Comedian

Barnabas: “How soon can the horses be ready?”
Mother: “We don’t have horses. We have a Chevy.”


Barnabas: “Reveal yourself! Tiny songstress!”

It fits perfectly with what I saw about the show when it was on, but then, my experience was limited to reading “Barnabas Collins in a Funny Vein.” :slight_smile:

I definitely want to see this. It’s going to be fun.

Huh. Burton actually took something and made it less angsty and gothic. Didn’t see that coming.