Finally unshackled from a contract: Can I use my Cell Phone in a Pre-Paid plan now?

I am finally unshackled from a 2 year contract with T-Mobile. I did not have the best experience with them, they were constantly dropping my calls and no service at my home…

So I have this phone I really like, and I am looking at pre-paid phone plans. So far it looks like Tracfone and Virgin Mobile are the best. However, I have read some places that they can use your existing phone. Is this true?

If so which companies can I use the prepaid option with this phone…I don’t want to use T-mobile again…no way.

If I can’t use this phone…which prepaid plan is the easiest? It looks like Tracfone and Virgin Mobile offer similar things, I wonder which is the easiest to use?

Basically, I use the phone infrequently…but I do text relatives across the country quite a bit.

Any Ideas?

Your T-Mobile phone is probably GSM with a SIM card. The only GSM networks in the US are T-Mobile and AT&T, who might have better coverage in your area. First, you need to obtain an “unlock code” from T-Mobile for your phone.