FinallyFast dot com

Help … a friend of mine wants to go there and run the test [and obviously get her computer ‘fixed’] and i dont have the time or know how to figure out if this site is going to do something heinous to her computer or not…

So. rip off, malware installer and waste of time money and whatever, or legitimate?
Or would she be better off just doing one of the reinstall from cd things?

Ripoff. It’s just a registry cleaner that they charge $29.99 for. Tell her to download Spybot and CCleaner, which are free.

Also, the company that owns the site peddles malware also:

perfect, thanks.

I have spybot, and ad aware which I use, but she is reluctant to use them … she is afraid that she will delete something she needs but she has the belief that since they are ‘professiona;s’ they wont hose her computer up …:dubious: