Financial AND Legal assistance needed

Alright. possession charge, paraphernalia charge, student loans of just under $2000 (due in about 4 months), car wreck (totaled) like, gone… have court appearance july 9th for charges. original reason for pulling me over was improper plate display ($100 but depending on result of court). anything is helpful. i realize id have to be a real loser to be in this position, but im really trying to make things work. ive been trying to get my audio production business going (currently freelance audio engineer).

if anyone needs a music, field audio, engineer/producer, email me. Otherwise some good advice would be great too.

Thank You.

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There are free legal clinics that might be able to give you some advice. But you’re not really giving enough info for us to be able to say much about it. We don’t know where you live, what you were possessing, etc. But there’s a good chance that none of the things will add up to too much, even though it sounds like a bunch of stuff all at once. I’m guessing you haven’t been in much legal trouble because the people who have, wouldn’t think it was a big deal. If that’s true, you might get diversion or something.

If the student loans are through the government you might be able to get it deferred. I think that’s pretty easy to do if you’re low-income.

Your student loans can be easily deferred. Call them up once it gets closer and request a year deferral. Your criminal charge is harder due to the lack of information and your personal history. If this is your first charge, you can usually work with the DA for probation and the charge to disappear if you stay clean and crime free. Obviously this depends on your location etc. Some lawyers offer free consolations, along with some cities having free legal clinics.

If they’re bothering with a paraphernalia charge then I’m going to guess that it’s a simple possession charge rather than possession with intent. That’s probably a misdemeanor but also probably quasi-criminal in that it likely carries potential jail time. In my jurisdiction, that would get you automatic court appointed counsel if you couldn’t afford your own. The state supreme court mandates all attorneys take a certain number pro bono cases per year for this purpose.

I’m also going to guess that whatever was found was in plain sight rather having been found during a search. Either that or there was something like a strong odor consistent with a controlled substance that gave probable cause for a search. In either case, getting the evidence suppressed will be an uphill battle, but you’ll need an attorney to make a proper evaluation there since it very much depends on the specific facts.

The loans you can postpone. The car you can replace. The legal charges are really all that you need to focus on at this point. The good news is that is you are a first time offender you can often get time set aside and (sometimes) get the record erased if you keep clean during whatever they set as your probation period.

The reality is that the States Attorney would really rather not have you in jail for petty crimes like this. He or she has much larger fish to fry.

To effect all this you need to get a decent lawyer and work out a payment plan with him. Representing yourself will generally end in tears in cases like this.

I live in Kansas. Honestly, i needed help prioritizing. Appreciate the suggestions. i think it’ll be alright. Just a bunch of crap to hit at once. thank you all.

Kansas is bad news.
Get into drug rehab now, ahead of time.
Tell them the drugs made you do it, drugs are bad, you won’t touch drugs again. Cry a little bit.
Take a drug test for the judge- it will be hot, but establish a base level. Stop using and stay clean while on probation.
Graduate college, finish probation, move one state west. (We’re just as tough on bad drivers though, can’t help you there.)


Was the original charge legit?

Assuming it was, how was the contraband found? Did you consent to a search?

If you intend to plead not guilty and can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed as long as the offenses are possibly jailable. Although the federal constitution does not mandate an appointed attorney, even if jail time is possible, if they will not seek it, then the state does not have provide one, but under state laws I am familiar with, they still provide one.

I’m curious. If they were pulling you over for improper plate display, how did the car get totaled?