Find that game: hexagonal-risk-thing

I hate to have to appeal to the boards for this, but I can’t find it, and I have a craving. I’m also dodgy on which forum to choose, but the Game Room for an online game seems appropriate.

I played a flash game a few months back. It was similar to Risk in the “place your armies” sense, but it was just a grid of hexagons. When it was your turn, you got a random number that you had to place on the grid. If you placed your higher numbered tile next to your (computer) opponent’s lower numbered tile, it was changed into your color. Numbers ran from 1-20, and whoever had the highest number of “armies” at the end won.

There are a few more subtle details, but I’m guessing this will be enough for one of my similarly afflicted flash game addicts at the Dope to supply a name.

Help feed the addiction. Where do I find this game again?


Close, but that is more Risk-ish. This was a much more simple flash game.

Although you probably just introduced me to a new addiction. I’ll send your apologies to my girlfriend.

I finally found it. 30ish minutes of searching before posting and close to an hour of searching after posting, I give you: Proximity. Probably not worth it by most standards, but I’m one of those never-give-up, anything to avoid real life people. You know the type.

For anybody interested, the search term that paid off: game tiles higher number flash

No idea why, but it worked. I need to work on the google-fu.

Mods, close if necessary.

I knew it from the thread title, too busy playing Peggle to save you the search time. Sorry. We have One More Level bookmarked - if you like proximity, you may also enjoy Virus 2.