Find the Boeing: another conspiracy theory

I don’t know whether to believe this or not…

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This was thoroughly debunked within the last month in GQ. There is also a page devoted to it on Snopes. It is, in a word, bunk.

You don’t know whether to believe that or not?


No accounting for gullibility.

Sorry, too many years watching X-Files… :wink:

Of course I don’t believe it.

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Let’s stop this conspiracy theory before it starts in General Questions, 03-22-2002 through 04-15-2002.


So you started a thread about it… why?

If nothing else, manny, it provides us with another in a seemingly endless series of opportunities to mock the French.

Like Manny, I’m curious as to why you started this thread.
You said you don’t believe the story you linked to, so why bother? :confused:

The Pentagon is a hardened reinforced concrete structure. An aircraft is mostly thin sheets of aluminum or titanium around a metal skeleton and jet fuel. When one hits the other, one of these things is going to disintigrate into a lot of little peices. Try to guess which one. I think you’ll be plesently surprised.
There was an experiment where scientists shot an F-4 Phantom along a rocket sled at 700 mph into a 6’ concrete wall to test the effects of a jet crashing into a nuclear power plants reactor building. IIRC, the jet penetrated less than 12" and was completely destroyed. As in the bigest peice they could find was about the size of a lunchbox.
Just in case there was still a question in anyones mind.

I could’ve sworn we shot this to shreds just last week.