More 9/11 Conspiracy Theorizing

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Now, how can it be debunked?

By pointing out that it is pure bullshit?

Ahh, the mind control machine has gotten to me.

Can this thread be closed?

Its already been debunked…
Ilsa you fucking moron.

There’s nothing particularly fresh on the menu here; Just a bunch of silly rhetoric, much of it is pretty naive (like ‘why didn’t the wings just snap off and remain outside?’ and ‘what happened to x tons of plane and y gallons of aviation fuel?’ - as if the disappearance of the plane couldn’t actually be anything to do with all that fuel).

There aren’t enough :rolleyes: in the known universe.

fucking idiot cunt munch.

You must be a real ladies’ man.

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citrus x paradisi I’m relatively sure that this subject has been done to death in other threads during the past two years or more. Please use the search engine. Or simply read snopes.