finders keepers?!?! (plus ring wearing etiquette...)

almost three weeks ago, while walking down the street, i found a ring. a nice ring. good weight, 18k gold. likely/possibly a man’s wedding band, though there is no inscription. the next day, i put up notices in the area of the find that said “if you have lost a ring around (location) please call (555-1234) and describe the ring. i will return it promptly.”

i got some crank calls, but that’s it. nobody who called could describe the ring, despite how plain it is. every caller insisted that their missing ring had either diamond(s) and/or some inscription.

anyway, i have a couple questions… first - after becoming finder, how long until i should consider myself a keeper? should i have considered this my ring a week ago? should i wait another month? was it mine when i found it? or should i hold onto it forever, until the rightful owner shows up to kill my family ninja style, only to be pacified by my handing over the ring, hand included?
and second, if i do keep this ring, what does it signify for a man to wear a ring on his right hand ring finger (the only non-pinky finger of mine that this fits?) i know that left ring finger means married…

or should i just pawn it? or keep it in the bottom of a drawer in case a ninja comes looking for it?

Some people wear their wedding ring on their right hand after their spouse dies. This may be more common with women than men, but I believe there is a scene in “Lethal Weapon II” where Mel Gibson has done this. In some countries the left/right thing is reversed.

You won’t get rich selling it for scrap or pawning it, but you could make a few bucks. Have you tried posting your find on craigslist? It seems like something that might have real sentimental value to someone, but certainly there is only so much you can do to find them. You could try contacting the police. That seems like the “obvious” answer but I don’t know if it is the most effective, or if you would get it back after a certain amount of time if it is not claimed.

My husband and I found a diamond ring on a beach whilst on holidays. We brought it to the local police station and filled out a report. They said that they keep it for a year and a day and, if nobody claimed it, then it would become our property. I thought nothing of it til a year later when we received the ring in the post! It was legally ours then. My husband was a jeweller and valued it (nothing very special at all) and my sister bought it from us. I would suggest you might leave it with the policy as I would think that’d be the first place someone might go if they’d lost something.