Loser of the Rings

I lost my wedding ring. It was right there on my finger yesterday. I remember it clearly. Specifically, I remember thinking to myself “Too bad I’m married because that girl is really cute!” and then using my thumb to rotate my ring around.

This morning, while stumbling through my coffee and grits, I noticed it wasn’t on my finger. It looks as if it disappeared some time ago, since the little indentation thingy you get when you wear a ring was mostly gone.

Welbywife is, needless to say, beside herself.

Let me add that this is the second time I’ve lost a ring.

Is there any Valentine’s Day gift that will make up for a breach of this magnitude?

A new husband? I know that’s what my wife would demand.

Sounds like this one calls for all the stops to be pulled out Welby. Jewelry, candy (might I suggest Belgian?), flowers, champagne, fancy restaurant, candlelight, strolling violinist, and, of course, falling on your knees and begging and pleading for mercy and forgiveness. You, my friend, are in a heap o’ trouble. :smiley:

I assume that you’ve thoroughly checked in and around your bed, as that would be my first guess where it might be. Remove all sheets and bedding, check inside the pillow cases, look between the bed and wall, between the bed and any bedside tables, and under the tables as well. Estimate the furthest it could have bounced if it fell from the bed to the floor, double that, and conduct an intensive search within that perimeter. I find that lost things have often rolled or bounced to places I would never have guessed they could have gotten.

Have your ring finger tatooed?

For what it’s worth, I’ve “lost” at least three wedding rings. Mr. A_U_W has given up. The adverntures include:

A dog bit my hand & my finger swelled up, so they had to cut it off. The ring, not my finger. The explanation sounded way too much like “the dog ate my homework, honey, really.”

My son (3 years old at the time) was playing pirate and “buried” it. Somewhere. In the house. We still live in the same house, 20 years later, but we’ve never found the ring.

We decided to have replacement 3 engraved (after I’d managed to retain it for 3 years), and I lost the box on the way home from the jewelers. “You what?” “Well, I said you wouldn’t believe it?” “I’m not LIS-ning…”

When he’s in his more cynical moods, he points out that I’ve never lost my engagement ring, only wedding rings. Fortunately, I have the counter argument that my “engagement ring” was a microwave oven. In a moment of self-awareness, very early in the relationship I suggested a practical engagement gift. Good thing, too.

<<enter as_u_wish’s evil twin>>

Alternatively, of course, you could go on “accusation mode”–and suggest she is hiding it just to get a good Valentine’s present. Suggest this is really shabby, that you are deeply hurt that she doesn’t trust you enough to just ask for a good present. Put on your most serious sad face and suggest the relationship must be in deep trouble and you just don’t think you can handle that because she is your life, your love…if you can squeeze out a tear at this point it would be good…

<<return to normal mode>>

Also check all clothing pockets including any coats or jackets you might have been wearing, as well as the inside of gloves or mittens if you were wearing any. Check all surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. Check the car (if you have one and were using it), especially all those little crevices around the seats.

Can you tell I lose things a lot? I now have highly developed “Where the hell did I leave that?” skills.

I’m on my second wedding ring - lost the first while I was pregnant. I had moved it to my pinkie because my hands were swelling, and when I was doing yard work, it fell off.

My husband lost his somewhere on the road a few years back. He used to take it off to put lotion on his hands - not a problem at home, but not something you want to do in a hotel. But stuff happens, and life goes on.

So he’s now wearing my paternal grandfather’s wedding ring - kinda neat that it fits, plus it’s engraved with my grandparents’ wedding date. He’s been especially careful with it.


Man, checking out babe, rotates his wedding ring on his finger while thinking, “Too bad I’m married.” Wakes up next morning to find that ring has mysteriously vanished . . .

Sounds like the beginning of a TWILIGHT ZONE episode, doesn’t it?

I lived in Germany for three years while my husband did a stint in the Army as a dentist. He had made my wedding ring himself, out of dental gold, so it was very sentimental.

I had a (bad) habit of taking my ring off at night because I slept more comfortable that way. My fingers tended to swell at night, for some reason.

The last night we were in Germany, we stayed in what was called the VOQ (Visiting Officer’s Quarters). I took my ring off before I went to sleep and despite a desperate search prior to our flight out the next morning, I couldn’t find it. I had to leave for the States without it.

We were back in the States a few weeks when I got a call from a General I had formerly worked for. Turns out he happened to stay in the same room we did before he returned stateside and a maid had found my ring and somehow connected it to me. He offered to bring it home with him and find me, and he did.

So, don’t give up hope. ANYTHING is possible.

So far as_u_wish has the best plan. Reverse the problem! Blame it on the wife!

You’ve got a thing for Marlo Thomas?


Oh great, one more thing to worry about when I marry TheLadyLion. I am not a ring wearer. The only ring I wore for a significant amount of time was my high school ring and I eventually lost that. I’ll try to find a very comfortable wedding band so I’m not tempted to take it off and get a couple of dog tag style bead chains to wear it Frodo-style when having a ring on my finger would be a hazard.

Whenever I take my ring off, I also take my watch off. Then the ring goes on the watchband. I’m surprised more people don’t use this trick.

]Padeye I know of several people who were completely unable to wear rings. They ended up getting something like a wedding watch, or necklace or something. Worked fine for them. You may need to work on the vows a little bit though.

I also put my ring on my watch band. I frequently take off my watch without my ring, but almost never wear the watch without the ring.

“With this Speidel twist-O-flex I thee wed.” Oh, that’s just peachy.

WELBY - watch the view count fly on this one! Something about “rings” always makes people curious, I guess…hmmm…

My husband isn’t a ring guy. I’m the third wife, and he’s never worn a ring. (maybe if he wore a ring, he wouldn’ keep losing the wives! HA!) My ring stays on all the time unless I’m cleaning it (about twice a year). I’d be really bummed if I lost it, even though we could probably afford a bigger one now.

Here is one idea. When you tell her you lost the ring don’t tell her about the last time you remember wearing it. :slight_smile:

I’m on my third wedding ring (in less than a dozen years of married life), and I get a lot of (fortunately mostly good-natured) grief from my wife about it.

I take off my ring when I’m washing, since I don’t like the way the moisture turns the skin under the ring all pale-white and gucky. And I take it off for grubby chores (e.g. changing the litterbox) just because.

Ring #1 disappeared at our house in Bristol VA, one May morning back in 1996 or 1997. I set my ring down somewhere, got a shower, and never saw it again. When we moved out, leaving behind a completely empty house, it still hadn’t turned up.

I know exactly where Ring #2 is, but I expect I’ll never see it again anyway. My wife and I were staying in a honeymoon-style cottage in the Blue Ridge a few years back. I set my ring on top of the coffeepot while I cleaned the counters one morning after breakfast. Somehow I knocked the ring off, and it fell between the sink cabinet and the wall. IIRC, I could even see the ring, down the crack between the cabinet and the wall, but couldn’t reach it.

The owners said they’d dig it out for me over the winter, but they never did. Eventually I got Ring #3.

[pre-emptive bad joke]
Yes, our marriage is a three-ring circus.
[/pre-emptive bad joke]

Sure does, doesn’t it?

Now, how is this going to go horribly wrong, trapping him in a hell of his own devise?