Finding a certain type of font, or letter

I have been googling around looking for a font that would resemble the old, or medeival, type of printing. You know, the kind with all the curlicues and so forth. But I don’t know what it is called. I’ve found a bazillion sites with free fonts, but it’s tough slogging through them looking for what I want. Maybe it’s not even out there. Anyway, if someone could help point me in the right direction I would sure appreciate it.

One other teensy thing. Does anyone know the name for those elaborate letters that began the first page, chapter, or paragraph, of the old illuminated manuscripts monks used to make, before the printing press?

I’ve heard them called simply ‘initial caps’.

Are you talking about Old English/Blackletter/Fraktur fonts? (letters with curlicues might be swash caps or swash terminals.)

Maybe you are thinking of the old German Gothic or Fractur fonts?

does it look like these? contains lots of information on Fraktur fonts, even though it’s kind of an advertisement.

Old English:

Freiheit, that Old English is just what I had envisioned. Also, after(per your suggestion) of the term “drop caps” I googled some more and found a pretty Celtic set of initials.

Thanks everyone for the help.

But… I didn’t mention drop caps. :confused:

Anyway, if you’re into Celtic lettering, try here

I had it wrong, it was intial caps you mentioned. Oh well, using caps must have been what got it.

You’ll have a bit of luck searching on the word “uncial,” too. Happy hunting.