Finding a New Yorker cartoon from the early 90s

I cut out this cartoon and had it on my bulletin board years ago and wish that I could find it. I’ve googled, and looked in, but all that comes up are written descriptions:

"one recent New Yorker cartoon: “If they had Prozac in the 19th century.” One panel features Karl Marx saying, “Sure, capitalism could work out its kinks!” In another, Edgar Allen Poe is on friendly terms with the raven. A third shows Nietzsche outside a church with his mother, saying, “Gee, Mom, I like what the priest said about the little people.” And Prozac For All.. | Psychology Today Canada

“wonderful cartoon from the early 1990s, called “If They Had Had Prozac in the Nineteenth Century,” showing Marx, Nietzsche and Poe all cheered up. (The panel with Poe, showing the haunted poet saying “Hello Birdie!” to a huge raven on his desk is my favorite.)”

I know that it was published after Sept 1991 and before July 1994.

This is all I can find, from Pinterest:

One place you be guaranteed to find it is here:

It contains two CDs of all the cartoons ever published. The printed cartoons however don’t include your particular cartoon. (I looked.)

Thank you @gnarator ! That looks like a colorized update of the one I’m remembering; I’m fairly sure that what I saw was monochrome. According to the article linked below, color cartoons in the New Yorker were a rarity until 2011: “What’s So Funny About Red?” Color Cartoons in The New Yorker | Inkspill

And thank you @Francis_Vaughan for reminding me of the book and looking through it! I’d forgotten that my sister has that book, and will check if she has the CDs as well the next time I visit.

It was published on November 8 1993. Artist Huguette Martel. Did you want to know more?

Thanks @OldGuy ! Did you look it up on the CDs from the book? Your information showed me definitively that it’s not on the site. However, the site does say
Q: Why can’t I find The New Yorker cartoon I’d like to license on The Cartoon Bank? I’m positive it appeared in an issue.
A: Because The New Yorker’s cartoon collection is so large, we only house a select number of published illustrations online.

Looked for it on Tineye and Google image search; no hits.
Converted to B&W and repeated; no hits.


Since this is about an artwork, let’s move it from GQ to Cafe Society.

I had that book, and the Complete New Yorker, which included “EVERY PAGE OF EVERY ISSUE ON 8 DVD-ROMS,” but it was published in 2005, and the DVDs wouldn’t load on Windows 10 when I tried a couple of years ago. (The reviews on that page suggest there are ways to make it work, but it’s not clear they work in all cases.)

I thought the cartoon collection, published in 2004, might have similar issues, but a review at Amazon suggests that they’re in PDF form, so buying the book/CD set today should not pose any problems. (I don’t have access to my copy of the book or the disks right now, so I can’t check for you. @Francis_Vaughan: do you have the CDs, or just the book?)

never mind

I have the CDs, but no computer with an operational CD drive. Seems the modern way. (I have a USB CD/DVD drive somewhere, but just where is eluding me.) CDs were a bit of a flash in the pan technology wise.
I can have a hunt about if there is value.

It only took one quick search on Google images to find this large image (500 x 1991)

from this blog entry.

Thanks to all who responded! It’s OK @Francis_Vaughan , no need to try and look at the CDs.

Okay, now that has been found, how about the “Anesta Krauts” *One Fine x at the y" comic from Mad Magazine?