Finding a Swimsuit

My fiancee needs a new swimsuit for our upcoming honeymoon and I’m looking to find one, since she requested that I pack for her (the destination is a surprise). Can anybody help me find the perfect one for her?

What I’m looking for is something very much like this one:

Unfortunately, my fiancee is a size 12 and the lowest this site offeres is size 18W. I called them and they have no idea who the manufacturer is.

If I could find one with the exact same look, that’d be great. It would include:

  1. A zipper
  2. A tummy control panel
  3. The slim-looking V shape on the suit itself.

I’ve been to many a site and have yet to find a duplicate of the one in the link. Please help!


I don’t know if you’ve tried Land’s End, but they have a reputation for good swimsuits.

Thanks for the link, cher. They do have nice looking suits, but I’m afraid that I have been there and didn’t find a whole lot of variety.

Actually, that’s what I’ve found at most online stores: little variety, especially among one-piece suits. The swim suit pictured in the post above is the only time I’ve found the thin V colorstrip inside the outer dark suit (is there a name for that?). (Actually, this one isn’t too bad… )

Which may mean that I would have to retreat to B&M (brick and mortar) to try and find what I need. But I always feel wierd looking for women’s bathing suits in person.

And is it just me or are 90% of the suits available online bikinis?

My advice is to buy multiple suits, and return the ones she didn’t like after the trip. I usually try on at least 2 DOZEN before I find one that fits.

Good luck.

That’s strange Sue D. I usually buy the first one I try on. It takes me about 10 minutes to buy a swimsuit. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have tits.

At least I HOPE you don’t! :smiley:

My wife’s roughly the same size and we had good luck with Speedo.

Maybe you can wait until you get to your destination, THEN buy her a swimsuit.

I suggest you buy the most ridiculous one you can find - that way she’ll never have you do something like this again.

Sue Duhnym, I may not have woman-size breasts, but let’s not forget Mr. Winky. He has to fit in there somewhere.


Are you insane?

Buying your female SO is an awsome thing, but for outerwear, not all that huge.

Buying her undergarment’s, now that’s bigger, more intimate, and lots more difficult to get right.

But Swimwear? Skott, there is a reason that this topic is a staple of female comedians and comic strips like Cathy. This is a truly wonderous thing you are attempting to do, but I really wonder at how wise it is.

If you haven’t already done this, and you can do so without ruining the surprise, you might want to talk to her and make sure she’s comfortable with your purchasing a swim suit for her.

On the other hand if you don’t think it will put a damper on your trip if she doesn’t like the suit you buy, and the surprise of her not knowing is more important, then go with whatever you can find that works for you.


I just may be insane, Doug… it’s a definte possibility. My plan is to bring three swimsuits: Her bikini, a semi-exotic one, and a more conservative one. The thing is, I know pretty much exactly what she likes. I just have to remember to buy for her, not for me ;}

And worst case scenario, if she doesn’t like any of them, then we’ll buy one when we’re on our honeymoon.

I know her tastes pretty well. We constantly look at clothes online and show them to one another to see if it’s in her or my tastes. Even before I proposed, I was showing her suits and getting her opinion.

I’ve been to many of the sites posted. The best one I’ve seen is the one I’ve posted above (which has the size problems:

The best alternative I’ve seen is (but doesn’t seem to be in any store):

I was thinking about this one, but I think it may be a little too much as far as a “conservative” suit:

Here’s a semi-list of places I’ve been:

And all the major department stores.

Basically, all the major websites. So I guess I’m hoping for more of a store that doesn’t come up on the first couple pages of a search engine results. I’d even be willing to try Austriala or even other countries.

My problem is that I know very specifically what I want to buy for her. Now it’s trying to find it in the maze. :}

Quoth Noodles:

Hey, that’s nothing. I just wear the one I was born in ;).

Ugh. Thanks for reminding me. I am NOT looking for another bikini this year (I just like them better, more comfortable, and easier to go to the bathroom in), but I’ve put on a little bit of weight.

Diet starts tomorrow.