Finding an old newspaper article

I am trying to find a copy of the Malone Evening Telegram from November 29th, 1925, and could use some help. I’ve done some Googling without success and have emailed the business office of today’s Malone Telegram in hopes of getting a response. I am specifically wanting to know which movies were playing in Malone that evening, preferably with a copy of that information that I can print out in its original form. I would greatly appreciate any help in the matter as I am not sure where else to look.

If you live nearby, try the Library. They should have it in digital form or on microfiche.

Yep - a Malone area library is your best bet. I just checked the biggest newspaper database ( at my public library and it does not cover Malone.

Fascinating. Is this for a story you’re writing? If so, I applaud you for your sense of verisimilitude.

Check historical societies–ranging from city to county to state.

I found this link , not sure if it will help you.

Not nearly so creative, however still interesting. That’s my grandfather’s birthday and there’s a family story about someone going to the movies on the day he was born. He’s turning 90 this year and has previously asked me if I can figure out what movies were playing on that day. I’m hoping it will make a good birthday gift.

As for going to Malone, I live several hours away so a drive might not be practical, but could be used as a last resort.

According to WorldCat, the New York State Library has what you are looking for on microfilm.

That’s perfect! I live incredibly close to that library and have been to the museum across the street many times. I’ll have to make a stop soon.

That Rhinelander story was interesting. (Tangent, not a hijack)