Finding and Changing Region Codes

Suppose I’m making a legal backup copy of a DVD and get a message that the Region Codes of the DVD and the writer don’t match.

How do I

  1. learn the Region Code of my writer (which is in Drive D, if that matters)

  2. learn the Region Code of the DVD

  3. change the writer’s Region Code to match the DVD

Once I do #3, should I later go back and restore the writer’s original Region Code?


Try AnyDVD.

Thank you, Reply, but I was looking to do it for free.

You can change it the official way by going to the Device Manager (Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager), looking for your CD-ROM drive, and then going through the tabs. One of them should have a region code option, but you’ll only be able to change it 5 times or so.

Then you have to change it for the software as well… look through the program’s configuration options.

Or you can do it the unofficial way and potentially make it region-free permanently. Just be warned that you run the (slight) risk of breaking something when you fiddle around like that.