"Finding Bigfoot" or "Ancient Aliens" which is more pathetic/dumber?

Two of the dumbest reality shows on cable, which is saying something, both on channels purportedly about “factual/real” things, Animal Planet and History Channel.

But which is the worst?

It’s a tough call but I go with ole Squatchie. Serious question: how the fuck do they get people to show up for their 'town meetings" about Bigfoot, are there hookers and pot and pizza or are there really that many stupid people out there? I’m waiting for the episode where the team ends up in Central Park and the fat guy goes on and on about how the Park is prime nesting ground for Squatches.

It’s not a competition.

“Finding Bigfoot” or “Ancient Aliens” which is more pathetic/dumber?

Bigfoot would have been found by now. Its as dumb as the Loch Ness Monster

The question of whether Aliens visited earth in the human past has some older texts and art to support it, so that theory is far more plausible.

C) “The Curse of Oak Island”

Unlike the other two, they actually know more or less where it’s supposed to be, there’s a very finite search area, and it’s been searched by dozens of unrelated, well financed crews for over 200 years, and everyone who’s looked has found neither Jack nor shit.

Nothing is dumber and more pathetic than Hunting Hitler, though American Ripper comes in a close second.

Take an Everyman police sketch and put a mustache and a hat on it. “I could take that to a judge and get an indictment.” Yeah, right. :rolleyes:

Anything involving the technological hunting of ghosts wins harderer at failing.

I mean, if they detected a ghost, what would it be? Soul energy that has somehow acquired slightly more corporeal form than it had when it was driving a living person? What the hell’s that all about?

Poltergeists? Do they check the house first for drafts and caulk them before they setup hidden cameras.

I used to believe Sasquach was remotely possible – just that he was so crafty we couldn’t find him. Newsflash: nothing human is really that crafty, and so nothing sub-human is gonna come close.

I’ll buy that for certain values of the Drake equation, other intelligent life is possible in the vastness of time and space. So I get how people would consider it plausible. But the random rehashing of the Ancient Astronauts meme is just tiresome.

I would like to take the time and this thread to denounce Andrew Gough, who fooled me into thinking he was a legit historian with his talking-headness on History Channel’s Ancient Battles and his mostly entertaining takes on The Battle of Thermopylae and Alexander The Great in the Middle East. But then he started showing up other places like Revealed (haven’t seen), NASA’s Unexplained Files (not as bad as the title would suggest) and Forbidden History (utter shyte).

One episode of Forbidden History really sealed the deal on Gough’s credibility for me. It was about The Knights Templar. He insisted that it was indisputable that they found ancient Christian relics while digging under the Temple of Solomon because suddenly and inexplicably the Knights were very rich. Out of the thin air! No other explanation is possible!

How about they invented the traveler’s check and pretty much checking in general? And also modern banking. They were the only ones providing these services to the public but it’s inexplicable how they got rich except for them finding magical artifacts buried in the dirt. I’m sure Barclays has the Holy Grail in a vault and Chase Manhattan has the Ark of the Covenant in a safe deposit box.

He’s also the editor of Heresy Magazine. A magazine for crackpot historical theories, He proved to me how easy it is to be fooled by a crackpot, so a special place in idiot hell for him.

Between the two, Sasquatch hunting, hands down.

But ghost hunting is worse.

What about that Atlantis show? I’ve only seen one episode, but that one included “We found stone tools!”, and somehow used that as the root of an inductive tree that ended with “…therefore Atlantis!”. The details were too stupid to fit into my long-term memory.

I like Bigfoot. It’s absurdity can keep me entertained. They wear these selfie sticks with green lights on them, so that they look like you’re seeing them through night vision goggles. So they have these brightly lit people stealthing through the forest pretending to be invisible. Brilliant.

I object to the shows mentioned in the OP, worsening the credibility of actual legitimate films like Legend of Boggy Creek and Harry and the Hendersons.

I live close to the area where Boggy Creek happened. I can tell you without a doubt that there are people who believe in a Bigfoot. You cannot convinced them otherwise. If they put an ad in a paper that they have come to investigate and invited people to attend, people would pay for the privilege to be there. It would be a sell out everytime they did it.
Saying that, I like the show. It’s funny.

Bigfoot is the dumb one since aliens exist and have visited earth and are still monitoring us.

It may be a toss-up. It’s hard to investigate the past and prove that aliens visited the earth in it ancient history.

Similarly, you’d have equip nearly every human today with a high definition camera (still and video) that they keep on their person most of the time, so that when the inevitable Bigfoot appearance occurs they can record it. But that would be damn near impossible.

And remember, No Wagering!

Well, there is this: https://youtu.be/hbVCV63ch0c

Well, there is this: https://youtu.be/0wWtHxuooOI ( video may be too short to show its title)

Such as?

Quite a project, indeed…

Except that it is not only possible, but has now happened. More than 80% of the US population now carry a camera with them at all times when they are out of the house. As Randal Monroe pointed out, this has basically “conclusively settled the questions of flying saucers, lake monsters, ghosts, and Bigfoot”.