"Finding Bigfoot"

Seriously, how can this be a show? What do they do for an hour every week?

I’m no snob. I’ve watched and enjoyed reality shows about pawn shops, exterminators, and parking enforcement. I watched “Tool Academy.” Being a good husband, I watched several seasons of “The Hills,” and I thought that was as close as TV could get to the Seinfeldian ideal of a show about nothing.

But this is a step too far even for me. What can these people possibly “find”? Do they just run around in different forests and, at 10:55, conclude once again that they’ve found nothing?

Isn’t that pretty much what Ghost Hunters did/does? I don’t watch either show, but I imagine the appeal (for the tv network) is that these shows cost next to nothing to produce and they–inexplicably to me–get decent ratings.

I’m sure they’ll attribute plenty of wild animal spoor to the elusive Bigfoot.

I haven’t seen the show, but that reminds me of the X-files. They always leave just a tiny bit of room for the “just maybe…” so they can come back next week and sucker you in again.

No, the Bigfoot and Ghost Hunters shows are not in the same ballpark as X-Files. X-Files was strictly sci-fi and made no pretense of anything more. It was also extremely good at times. These other paranormal shows (one of the worse ones right now is Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files) are just crap and are aimed at a really dumb audience. One way to tell you’re watching one of these idiotic shows – just wait for the night vision and infrared cameras to come out.

I just caught several episodes of this last week. I laughed harder than at most comedy shows.

There was one where they decided that deer tracks in an area was a good indication that Bigfoots might live there, since they supposedly prey on deer. Ignoring that you can find deer tracks in pretty much any wooded area in North America.

They also searched through a deserted house on the premise that a Bigfoot would probably choose to den up in a place like that. They went looking for mattresses because that’s where a Bigfoot would choose to sleep if he was hiding out in an empty house.

Any odd noise in the night, any strange shadow, anything at all unusual was only explainable by the presence of a Bigfoot, even though there were dozens of more mundane explanations.

OK, I just watched part of an episode, and I see what Colibri means about how amusing it sometimes is. It seems to me that these people aren’t taking themselves too seriously. I still don’t see how they fill multiple episodes.

A couple of them are either putting everyone on, or they’re deranged.

This makes me wish that bigfoot WAS real and that they discover it. Moments before it gores all of them to death.

Don’t you need horns to gore someone to death? Or is my understanding of Bigfoot’s physiology totally out of date?

Maybe they’re related to the wampa.

Everyone knows that bigfoots are not real -

chupacabras on the other hand - thats what we need a huntin’ show for.

Everyone who knows what the fuck they’re talking about knows that bigfoot has giant tusks. GET WITH THE PROGRAM TOWERS.

I saw one of these shows the other week where they were hunting for …well I forget the name but its the African vampire and its known locally in folklore as the socuyant.

So they’re in Africa interviewing witnesses, and if it was not clear enough from the folklore about leaving its human husk and traveling as a ball of light this is a supernatural creature and there is no way to mistake an animal for it.

Then they go walking around the city at night with night vision cameras(WHY?! Even if you think its real it lives as a human so it knows you’re snooping around unless you think a couple americans with a film crew went unoticed in this small city LOL) most likely staged as you don’t see another soul on the street. Then coming up empty they decide to film around a church and run into a derelict building, lots of screaming and hearing a sound and turn on the night vision! Of course nothing comes of it, what gets me is even assuming the creature is real why would it be here? They don’t even act rationally when searching, gonna look for a werewoilf in the grocery store next?

And then at the end the host says he realized something odd, the rash of sightings always occur during ELECTIONS so he believes it is a tool of political oppression THE END.
WHOAH! This is the one interesting and real thing they have discovered, what do they mean by political oppression? Are the sightings faked, only seen by one faction trying to scare the other away from the polls, what?? :smack:

I agree about Xfiles but not Fact or Faked. Unlike Ghost Hunters, they at least give an attempt at showing how the footage could be faked by trying to duplicate the footage.

But I have to agree about the night footage - there’s generally not a good reasoning for not trying to search for things during daylight on most of these shows other than dramatic effect.

Next, on “Grasping for the Jersey Devil”…


Make that “Runnin’ With the Jersey Devil” and I’m in!

shaky night vision camera I think there’s a squatch in these woods!

That’s how I know these people are real experts.

Hardcore hunters call them squatches.

Sweet Jumping Jeebus, I hate that commercial. Is using ‘squatch’ instead of adding the first syllable supposed to make us believe he is a professional in the business [of sasquatch hunting:confused:]

My problem with the cryptozoology hunters on TV is that for instance one episode of Destination Truth they are after some critter that gets seen in the DAY, so they run around a strange wilderness area in the total dark:dubious::rolleyes: At least Fact or Faked are sensible, they set up cameras looking in the 4 directions, and then they send people out with more cameras. And they do spend a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to fake the picture or footage.

I have always said that I would love to take a selection of these paranormal hunters to the town my Father lived in when he was young [and the family built 3 roughly similar houses back in 1890 in, all clustered at a street corner] without telling them where they were going, and not letting them talk to anybody. PLunk them in one house for 24 hours, then move them to the next of 3 for 24 hours, then finally the last of the 3 for 24 hours. Make them fill out the paperwork like in that version of Legend of Hell House with Liam Neeson in it [what they saw./felt/ whatever woo they practice, any EVP and camera results, whatnot. Sit down and analize the 3 houses and figure out which one is haunted and what the haunting happens to be. I can state that I know categorically 1 of the 3 is haunted, what and where the hauntings are. I would love to see the reveals and explanations are for it. Since there are at least 3 different haunting groups [Paranormal State, The Dead Files and Ghost Adventures spring to mind] we could do it with all 3 groups, just swap properties between them for the 3 mights. Might be interesting to see what they can do with totally blind investigations.

a) all of these shows are filmed well ahead of airing, correct?

b) if an actual ghost, artifact or sasquatch was actually found during the filming, you think they’d wait until the airdate of the episode to let the world know?

Since these are on the ‘sci fi’ or FICTION channel, I have less of an issue with them -its the crap they keep trying to pull on discovery/science/history etc where they play fast/loose with facts for sensationalism.