Finding cached websites

I’m active over at the Avatar: The Last Airbender wiki and have busily improving some of the pages. Unfortunately, when the site was first started, a lot of information was being taken from Nickelodeon’s site for the series, and not cited. Character’s ages, to name just one example.

Now, there’s a push to reference everything; not that we want pages studded with dozens of cites like Wikipedia, but at least if something’s asserted like “His favorite dessert is cherry tarts” to be able to say where that came from, if it’s not in an episode itself.

Unfortunately, the Nick site has been pretty well dismantled. About the only thing there now is showtimes for the present-day reruns. Working on the theory of “Once on the internet, always on the internet” I’ve looked for cached Nick pages from the good old days, but my Google-fu skills are coming up short. Can anybody point me to a site that would have the Nickelodeon site as it existed three to six years ago?

Did you check the waybackmachine?

Here’s the avatar page from July, 2006 That’s nearly five years ago.
I wouldn’t directly link to that information. I don’t imagine wayback wants it’s bandwidth used by links on a wiki. I’d suggest updating your web pages with whatever info you need from the archive.

Here’s a page that lists about a dozen other places that cache web pages.

The Resurrect Pages Firefox add-on will search 7 different cache sites for you.

Thank you all. I wasn’t planning on actually linking to the cache – that would be impolite, but there’s information showing with no clear idea where it came from. A non-linked cite saying Nickelodeon - 2006 or whatever would suffice.

What is your reasoning that they wouldn’t want to be linked from a wiki? Wikipedia links to the archive as a standard response to a source disappearing. Not very many people actually click on the citations, especially in entertainment articles.

I was talking about a main article link. Where you are using someone elses bandwidth to provide the information.

I agree a citation at the bottom of the page isn’t a big deal. I wouldn’t think they’d object. As you mentioned, very few people click cites.