Finding Love on Straight Dope

Has anyone ever found love/a relationship by meeting on this forum? I’d like to know.

Asimovian/jsgoddess comes to mind.

I think they met at a Dopefest.

There have been a fair number of couples meeting her and getting married and a few kids too.

…and good for them! :smiley:

Well, I’ve been WOOKINPANUB* for many years and aside from a few pleasant dates with one doper whom I don’t think comes here anymore, not so much.

  • Just kidding; I did not choose the name because I was “looking for love” here.

Here’s a thread from 2004 with a list of couples who had gotten married because of the SDMB:

It’s apparently not as common anymore. I think this is because it’s not as common to have Dopefests (i.e., get-togethers for Dopers) anymore. I’m not sure though. Does that match other posters’ perceptions?

I did meet a lady here, with whom I went out a few times. But nothing came of it, and we went our separate ways.

Also, there were a lot more people around back in 2004.

I met my first boyfriend on here. We were together for, I think, three years.

Why, are you looking? PM me. :slight_smile:

Is it really true that there are much fewer people posting to the SDMB now than in 2004? Does anyone have any numbers? I don’t know how to get numbers on how many people are regularly posting to the SDMB in any time period.

Yeah. I made a thread about it here. Was just looking at the more recent history, but this post by Giraffe showed average numbers over the last 5 years:

I don’t even know what it’d look like going back to '04. But it was probably even higher then.

I saw a Las Vegas Dopefest advertised here and after some StraightDope chat travelled from England to attend.
I became friends with some Americans who attended the Dopefest and have visited them in Vegas several times since. :cool:

The flip side is there used to be WAY more fluff on the board. People who now dick around on Facebook or their blogs used to use this board for that purpose. I recall lots of tiresome “board drama” with people breaking into factions supporting one wannabe-class-clown over another… all a total waste of bandwidth.

Ha-ha. I’m currently single, but not looking for anyone. I’ll likely be leaving in a year for a mission trip. And, no, I’m not mormon. It’s an interdenominational mission trip. The requirement, however, is that you are not allowed to date before or during the trip. It cuts back on the drama as they have both genders participating in the trip. It also cuts back on the amount of distractions that participants experience. It’s called the World Race. I’d be leaving eleven months from now, and since the trip is 11 months long then that means 22 months of forced celibacy/singleness.

I think that’s a big stretch as a way to explain it. Maybe some of it’s fluff, but there are other message board type places that have far more traffic, and are growing. The general trend is people spending more time online. I myself like the SDMB, but the decline in activity isn’t something I applaud.

Two relationships, but not at the same time.

There was also a #straightdope IRC chat room that was very active for many years, which encouraged socialization.

Are there messageboards that are growing? I have been observiing the decrease in SDMB traffic, the too-many bans, and the lack of newbies and just assumed the End was Nigh a few years down the road. If it is more of a question of how a messageboard is positioned, that would interesting to hear.

ETA: I have noticed connections made over the history of the SDMB, and while I am sure it still happens, it appears to happen a bit less.

I think the most important change that caused there to be less romances, marriages, children, etc. between Dopers is the slow disappearance of Dopefests. In the early 2000’s we used to have regular Dopefests in the Mid-Atlantic region. They are very rare now. I presume that this is true in other areas too. What’s going on to cause this?