Finding older threads in a partiular forum

When I use the Search function, I find plenty of threads that appear to be alive and well (not closed) in the Cafe Society forum but which originated many years ago.

When I go to the Cafe Society forum, I find two pages and the oldest thread appears to have been started yesterday.

What is the easiest way for me to view all the threads in an individual forum?

In addition, what is the easiest way for me to view the first thread in an individual forum?

If this question has been previously asked, I would very much like to know where the answer might have been previously posted.

Thank you.

BTW, the title of this thread is “Finding older threads …”. I should have said “Listing older threads…” because it is easy to use the “Search” function to find those threads. But that function is very inconvenient to use on a regular basis.

At the bottom of the forum are a bunch of sorting options. You might want to check them out. Sort by thread start time, ascending order, from the beginning.

Aha! Thanks very much.

If some mod wants to close this thread now, I think that would be good.