Finding online something published by the Department of Defense.

Specifically, I want this reference: Office of the Secretary of Defense, “Report to the President and Congress: A Review of the Continued Requirement for Draft Registration,” December 1993.

I’ve been to the DoD and the SecDef websites and not found anything worthwhile. I can find a ton of references in bibliographies, but not the mother-loving Jesus-tapdancing-Christ source! The Cato Institute can find it, The Cato Institute can use it, The Cato Institute can quote from it like it was the fucking ‘Dr. Seuss Gives Us All Blowjobs’ book we read as kids, but I can’t get it anywhere? Google, why must you fail me?

C’mon, give me HTML! PDF! Smoke signals so archaic even Linux can’t use them! Please!

(I realize this is a micro-rant, but I do want this info. I know GQ is the place for this, blowjobs aside.)

ARGH! I admit to posting this twice, not three mother-sucking times!

This place will be the death of me. Hopefully, my question will be answered before I’m cold.

Ramp it up.

Try a reference librarian at a University, preferably one with a governmental depository.

After that, you might try emailing an appropriate contact at the DOD from their webpage.

Then there’s the telephone.

C’mon, you can’t expect to find everything on google. :wink: