Finding out that you have cancer.

I found out today that I have breast cancer. I will be seeing a specialist on Friday to see what my options are. I was not that surprised with the findings, my sister is a 28 year survivor of breast cancer. My father and uncle died of lung cancer and I have a cousin that had mouth cancer. My niece developed leukemia at 21 she has been in remission since 2002.
So it really came as no surprise but it is very disconcerting to be told that and then to break down in tears when I got the news. I do have a support group started the chief support is my sister who is the survivor and then the rest of my clan.
I’m expecting calls tomorrow from my cousin’s and aunts. News travels fast in my family from one coast to another. They will probably be calling my mom since that’s the phone number they have been calling for years, and then she will give them mine.

I’m sorry that you got that diagnosis. I hope everything works out for the best for you.

I think waiting for that phone call with the test results was very hard for her. She had been told that there was a 50% chance that what we had first thought was just a cyst might be cancerous, but that “50%” seemed like the average of friends and family saying that they were 90% sure it would turn out o.k., and our worry that there was only a 10% chance that the test would come back negative. Now she(and I) are wondering about all the options that may(or may not be) available…which is pretty much useless until she sees the specialist on Friday.

I’m sorry, too. I had my first cancer 40 years ago. It’s not fun, but you do what you have to. Thank goodness your sister will be there for you. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

I’m sorry about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago (DCIS which almost isn’t cancer). I found emotional support to be the thing I needed most. Sounds like you have it and if you need more, there are a lot of cancer support groups. I wish you well on your journey to being cancer free.

Very sorry to hear your bad news. :frowning:

I know it is early, but any news on prognosis/treatment? Did you catch it early?

We’ll find out Friday.

You have experience and family history. You know you can get through this. My neighbor is 89 and had breast cancer 15 years ago. Get it over and you could be good for the long run. Be like the 747 pilot that just reads the gauges and dispassionately does what he/she’s been trained to do.

No matter how much we intellectually appreciate that the word ‘cancer’ isn’t a death sentence any more, it still tends to take your breath away. My only advice, keep breathing deeply, and know that you can get through this. My spouse and I went through this last year…best wishes.

Scary stuff indeed.

My sister had breast cancer in '94, and is fine now. As you know, it’s not a death sentence.

Wishing you peace and strength as you deal with this.

Not the easiest thing to hear, but now you know and you will know more and you’ll make the most reasonable choices you can as you get more information.

Most of us know more about cancer than we ever thought we would – we’re all getting to be experts here. I’m glad your family is also there for you in all the ways needed; support is really important.

My sister is a long-term breast cancer survivor, so I know something about what you’re going through. Her journey was not an easy one but every checkup since those early days has been good and we are optimistic for more of the same.

Sending good thoughts and positive affirmations and best wishes your way.

My gf went through this, at 51, last year. It started with her Gyne saying she thought she felt something, but likely no big deal. Then she had an ultrasound that looked “likely benign but we better do a needle biopsy”. Then the needle biopsy came back bad.

She had lumpectomy and lymph nodes evaluated, then radiation. Gene tests on the mass were done and eliminated the need for chemo.

It was very scary for both of us.

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1999, so I know how you feel. Be a good patient, have confidence in your doctor, and believe there will be a good outcome. Thirteen years later I am still here; in thirteen years, you will be too.

Scary news indeed, but there has been so much progress in treatment! Wishing you the best. Please know that my prayers are with you.

I had prostate cancer - went through treatment and am fine now.

Cancer - scary word to hear indeed - but treatments have become far better even just in recent years.

Wait and listen to options.
Get second opinion.
Get third opinion.
(Do NOT be afraid to go to multiple doctors! This is your body and you want the best information from as many specialists as possible! Not every doctor knows every single new treatment/option. I am amazed people will go to seven stores before buying a friggin’ flat screen TV, but think it is stupid to go see other doctors when it truly is a matter of life and death!*)

Then choose the option that you feel is best.

I am sorry you have to go through this, but now is the time for you to be strong and do your due diligence and get the best treatment possible!

  • My SO was diagnosed with severe liver disease and would be dead now if I had not been the most stubborn asshole in Nevada and dragged him to two other doctors - one of which was smart enough to know about the newest procedure that saved his life.

My sister who had cancer has said the same thing og getting a second opinion. When I am given the options tomorrow I plan on going up to OSHU to their Breast Health Clinic to get an opinion from them, and if both of them give me the same options then I will pick one.
If I have to have one breast removed and don’t have reconstution surgery I already have plans for costumes for my SF convention. One is an Amazon from Greek Mythology, the other is a pirate with an eye patch where my breast was. I think it will work.:smiley:

I’m very sorry about the bad news, and I agree it’s difficult to share this kind of stuff. But breast cancer is more treatable than ever and I hope you hear good things from the specialists tomorrow.

My sister is an 11 year (so far) survivor of breast cancer. We are all behind you and it looks like you’ve got an excellent support system IRL. I believe that determination and a positive attitude can really make a difference in beating cancer back. My sister maintains that she is meaner and tougher than any cancer cells and so far, it’s worked for her. She also says when she lost her hair from the treatment, it came back with no grey in it and she’s still the only one of 4 siblings with no grey hair.
Anyway, know you are in our thoughts.

My experience with prostate cancer: when there are multiple options (as there usually are with breast cancer, as well), each doctor tends to specialize in one. It’s the old bit about when you have a hammer, you treat everything like it was a nail. The specialist in open surgery thought that was best, the specialist in radiation thought that was best, the specialists in robotic surgery, freezing, etc. all thought their approach was best. You’ll need to examine and sort out the options and decide the road you want to take.

Good luck tomorrow, don’t let emotion overwhelm the decision-making, and know that many hearts are with you.

My grandmother had a breast removed at the age of 91, due to cancer. And she’s still with us, at the age of 107!!!

Here’s hoping it all goes well for you.