finding phone # by address

i was just wondering if you can look up someone’s phone number if you don’t have their name, just the address.

someone has called my new house more than once looking for the previous owners. i want to know if they looked up the phone number from the address or if they have been snooping in my mailbox.

it’s starting to creep me out, cause i can’t find a way to look up my personal phone number by the address.

btw, the house is in my name only and the phone is in my SO’s name only.

thanks if anyone can help.

There are “reverse directories”, such as this one at InfoSpace, which people can not only use to get an adddress from a phone number (look up 555-1212 to find out that’s the phone number for 123 Elm Street) but also have a feature that allows for searching by address only (look up 123 Elm Street and get 555-1212); one can also search on “Elm Street” alone, to get the phone numbers for 101 Elm Street, 102 Elm Stret, etc.

thanks, MEBuckner, i did try that one, but at first oculdn’t even find my street. my street is actually there, and my neighbors, but not me nor my house. that did help though. i guess it’s possible. we just haven’t been there long enough. i wonder if any sites out there have us listed at all.

i say this cause i think some strange things were going on in the house before we bought it (although it’s in a great neighborhood), at least according to the carpet cleaner. i don’t want people snooping around my house.

Property records might have your phone number. You could check with your county records office to see what info. is listed for property owners.

I think the site above takes the information from phone books, so you may want to note that if the person has decided not to list their address, the site will not be able to find it. At least that was my experience with it.

Are they looking for the previous residents of your house, or just for the people who had your phone number before?

We had people looking for someone who used to have our phone number. This wasn’t so strange. We just explained that we didn’t know this person, and, no, the address they had for him was not our address. However, one evening, some people actually came to our house looking for this guy! Kind of unsettling, but easily handled. They must have looked in a reverse telephone directory and found our address when they looked up that phone number.

I wouldn’t worry too much. They’ll eventually figure out that the guy’s not there anymore and stop bothering you, especially if it’s the bill-collector type people like the ones who were calling us.

Not only are there internet reverse telephone directories, but there are also dead-tree versions. (At least, there were when I was in high school, which is before the internet really took off.) Larger public libraries often have them. I remember looking at one geared towards businesses–it had affluency ratings for different neighborhoods.

We have access to all the property tax records in the area, which usually have phone numbers.