finding the *perfect* match

well, I was recently bombarded with some little scratches on my “new” used car (hey- it’s new to me! :)) So, I set out the next day on a touch up paint search. I found several silver/silver-grey colours, but none matched my car. I went ahead and put a little bit of the closest one on the chips to keep them from getting worse, but it almost looks as bad as if I had left them alone. Is there any place I can get the exact colour to match? Should I check at an auto body repair shop? Do they sell touch up paint? I’ve checked out all of the parts stores and supplies stores. Someone help me before I go mad!!! :slight_smile:

tipi :slight_smile:

In this case you are stuck with the car dealer.They made that paint.But your car may have faded some by now.

If the chips aren’t too bad, there’s a car wax that has pigment in it to cover small blemishes. It worker really well on my old car.

Okay, if you open up the hood you should see a metal plate near the wipers with the color code for the car. That is the color it was before. FInd a store that sells it and get a pint.

As it ages It oxigizes and becomes lighter, so get some rubbing compound at Kmart or auto store and you can take off that white-ness. Rub gently.

Also, pearls & reflective colors, are next to impossible to match again.