finding value of a couple of rifles

Would anyone be able to give advice on how I can learn about (including potential value) of some rifles I have before I sell them? They are old, a bit worse for wear, but I’m looking to learn some things before I actually sell them.

Take them to a gun-shop or a gunsmith. Unloaded. Walk in first without them and tell them you’re bringing long guns in. They’ll tell you something. A pawn shop won’t give you shit for them. Don’t go there.

Details are important. What kind of rifles? Old ones, new ones, long ones, short ones, single shots, multiple shots, bolt action, black powder, etc.?

Online sales can give an indication of value.

You need to know the brand and type of rifle.

Here’s one site you can search.

Gun Broker .com is an auction site.

Look at Gunbroker, a gun auction site:

You want to search completed auctions:

There’s also “The Blue Book of Gun Values” which, if you know what make and model you have, can give a good idea. Many libraries have this book.

But if you don’t have make/model info, a gunsmith is a better bet than a pawn shop.

For general information

  1. percussion cap muzzle loader; stamped with Harpers Ferry 1855. Does not work, barrel pretty well rusted on the inside.

  2. Remington Target Master 22 model 510 bolt action. surface rust on the barrel.

  3. Western Field 12 gauge model EMN 175 bolt action. Does not have the box magazine that apparently goes with it.

Any other advice on these would be appreciated.

A second for GunBroker and figure wholesale at say 50%

  1. Depends on if its a repro, original and condition. Original total wall-hanger figure $150, repop say $50. Some hope of being a shooter and call it $250 and $100. Repros in bad condition that look original actually sell well as decorator pieces.

  2. The 510 I’ll give you $100 for sight-unseen. Good bore and I’ll go $175. Single shot .22s are my weak spot.

  3. Something else I would like (hence I would pay higher than some) but --------- the damn amgazine could cost me as much as the damn guns sell for. Figure $25 as a sort of parts gun or $50 if you get me really drunk first.