F'ing Bastard! (Bodies of 5 Kids Found Dumped in Alabama)

This has been on the local news since shortly after 4 this afternoon.

Story here:


This is the local news website. There’s video there, too. I don’t know how long the page will work.

It seems this guy took his kids from SC, drove through Alabama, and was detained in MS on a non-related charge. The story says he told the MS officer that he dumped the children’s bodies in Alabama and told him where.

The story says they believe the kids were killed in SC. They ranged in age from 1 - 8 years old.

Jeez! If you don’t want your kids, mister, there are plenty of folks who will adopt them! Were you just trying to “punish” your ex wife? You are a horrible, horrible excuse for a human being!

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Ahhh God
I vote kill him.

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Nope, that’s over too fast. :mad:

Beatings first?

Dumping kids is bad. He should have taken them to a recycling center.

“Mr. Scumbug, you are charged with 5 counts of murder in the first degree…and littering.”

And they all moved away from him there on the bench…


I see what you did there. :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine the last few moments of those kids lives, watching as their own father killed them.

I say cut an inch of him at a time, starting at the feet, and cauterize. Do another inch each day.

An Intel engineer? Damn. I guess he just went nuts.

What I don’t grasp is the savagery displayed by those condemning savagery. Isn’t the idea of a decent society to have said decent society better than the criminal?

I guess we can rule you out as the judge, then.

You’re equating fantasies of savagery with real acts of savagery so, no, you’re not grasping.

Actually, I’m equating advocacy for acts of savagery with already committed acts of savagery. One would hope that distinction is not lost on you.

Somebody won’t get a Father’s Day card this year. Or next.

So you see message board ranting as advocacy?

So sad to think about what the last words of each kid must have been.

Are we almost there yet?

It’s the Chum Boat for him…

I see no reason to assume that the proponents of such “fantasies of savagery” would not carry them out were they in a position to. Monstrous and horrifically inhumane methods of execution are not all that far in our past.