F'ing inconsiderate shoppers

I go to the supermarket to grab 3 items. I consider going through the express lane, but it has a rather long queue. Another lane nearby has only one person with about 15 items, so I took that lane.

The guy in front of me has a bit of a problem. Turns out a couple of eggs in the box are cracked. I reckon he should have checked the eggs before taking them to the checkout, but mistakes happen. So I’m OK with waiting a few minutes for a replacement box to be retrieved.

So the checkout operator finishes scanning the guy’s items. The guy pays for it, and a receipt is printed. Another problem - the receipt printing doohickey is out of ink. While a few staff members figure out what to do about it, I realise it’s going to take a while, so I consider backing out and getting in the express lane. But it turns out that during the egg incident, a middle-aged couple has queued up behind me with a trolley chock-full of groceries. I couldn’t get out, so I wait for the ink issue to be resolved.

After many minutes of discussion, the staff decide that they can’t resolve the ink situation. So they ask those of us in the queue to move to a newly opened checkout.

At this point, I am quite annoyed with the situation, but I realise it is just the result of a culumation of mistakes. But then, the asshole shoppers behind me (remember the ones with an almost overflowing trolley?), having a bit of a rant between themselves, back out, and go straight into the new checkout! They saw me in front of them with 3 items. They knew that I had been waiting for longer than them. They knew that my purchase was going to take a very short time, and theirs was going to take ages. But those selfish fucktards pretty much pushed in front of me.

So to those two shoppers: Fuck you in the ear!

Oooooh, how rude!

The cashier that opened the new lane should have firmly announced they’d be taking the next in line, not just here’s a new line.