Fingerprints and DNA

Is there a correlation between fingerprints and the genetic finger prints of a person ?? Since both are unique for a person (a trained Neural Network (or other AI algorithms) may be able to find a correlation - anyone tried that ?

They have probably not bothered to examine that approach. Identical twins do not have the same fingerprints (fingerprints develop in utero with other agents acting on the formation) so there would probably be a low correlation between prints and genetics.

DNA represents the complete coding for every intracellular, intercellular, and organ function in an organism. Fingerprints are dermal skin patterns. Kinda like comparing the complete inner workings of every aspect of an advanced computer hooked to the net, with the shape of its keyboard. No meaningful or useful correlation, IMHO


Fingerprints are essentially random. You could clone yourself, and the two of you would have different fingerprints.

Fingerprints do differ between identical twins, but only in the fine details. The overall patterns of whorls and swirls are genetic.

In principle, given a complete sequence of an organism’s DNA, you could determine every genetic feature of that organism: Hair color, untanned skin color, height, body type, etc. In practice, the only way this could be done with anything resembling current technology is to produce a clone from the DNA, let it grow to adulthood, and look at the traits of the grown clone. There are some specific traits (mostly diseases) which can be screened for by DNA analysis, but these are all simple traits associated with a single gene. Features like skin color or fingerprints probably depend on the interaction of hundreds of genes.