What causes fingerprints

I used to think that DNA determined what a person’s fingerprints looked like. However, I recently found out that identical twins (who have the same DNA) do not have different fingerprints. That being the case, what causes the patterns that I have on my fingers and what makes them unique?

Zev Steinhardt

Your post doesn’t make sense. Your DNA does determine them. That’s why identical twins with the same DNA do not have different patterns. Same DNA same fingerprint.

Thanks for catching that Hail Ants [sub]I can’t believe I did that[/sub].

Let me try again:

Identical twins have different fingerprints, but the same DNA. So, obviously, fingerprint patterns do not come from DNA. That being the case, where do they come from?

Zev Steinhardt

I read somewhere that identical twins’ fingerprints are very close but not identical, which is confirmed by what is said at this page:

The page also mentions that cloned monkeys have different fingerprints, and that fingerprints are formed at approximately three or four months during the fetal development process.

This guy had an interesting take on the subject.

So that’s where I read it originally! (hanging head in shame) I’ve been upstaged by the ever-knowledgeable manhattan.