Why don't identical twins share fingerprints?

Is it because there’s some environmental factor that affects finger tip development?

Mainly it’s because it’s a largely random process.

There’s more to life than DNA.

From Do identical twins have different fingerprints?

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Were they identical? I don’t know. But it seems strange that > twins would be identical…more likely fraternal.

In any case identical twins should have identical DNA profiles. Since no two humans have ever been found to share fingerprints, does this mean that in forensics good old fashioned fingerprint matching is more certain than the highly touted DNA technology?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica

And yes, fingerprints would be of more use than DNA evidence in establishing that it was really O.J.'s Long-Lost Evil Twin that did it.

Fingerprinting is not a science and there is growing controversy in the courts (still rather small) about what constitutes a match. Whether a crime scene latent and/or partial fingerprint is a match is usually a judgment call. Some jurisdictions require as little as 8 points of similarity. In the UK IIRC it is about 15. That is a huge difference. And virtually anyone allowed to testify on whether a fingerprint is a match has been trained by police.