Finland and Sweden appear poised for entry to NATO {2022-05-12}

With a .50 round between the eyes.

Can we just kick them out for a couple hours or something?

Considering that Turkey has been supplying Ukraine with weapons from the very beginning of the war, we may wish to tread lightly on the issue.

Is this related?

That’s a Russian response, yes.

Letting Turkey join NATO seems more and more like a major mistake.

I’m not sure. I read somewhere that Finland has stopped payment for the power so that is why Russia is stopping sending power.

I read elsewhere Finland had a new nuclear reactor online so may not need that power.

I do not know what the reality of it is.

I stand corrected. The details of the article seem reasonable. Payments are difficult or impossible to process, so trade has been suspended. I jumped to conclusions based on the timing and some slanted headlines.

Wasn’t that 40-50 years ago? ETA: Turkey joined 1952, so part of the first enlargement of NATO

Also the current kerfuffle seems to be resolved. Turkey just wanted some assurances the Swedes wouldn’t shelter or support some Kurdish Terrorist. This appears to be resolved.

US Secretary of State Blinken spoke to Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu and my understanding is it is all or almost all cleared up.

It is hard to complain about Erdoğan when we had our own questionable leader so recently. Erdoğan is nearly done anyway. I think 2024 ends his eligible time as President.

Maybe something like this?

This article suggests the process for joining NATO is more nebulous. Awkward agreements have also been made that a country “will join NATO”. I would assume Turkey is merely negotiating for advantages.

Made a lot of sense in 1952. From a strategic, realpolitik POV it arguably still does.

I’m just waiting for Ukraine to kick the Russians out of their turf so we can technically say that the “current conflict” is over, and five minutes later, they’re in, too.

NATO charter won’t allow that. There will be too much disputed territory.

Do all mistakes have to be recent? :wink:

What Erdogan really wants is for Sweden to stop giving political asylum to Turkish dissidents and persecuted Kurdish politicians, stop supporting the Kurds in Syria, stop making a fuss about his strongman tactics and arrests journalists and opposition politicians, etc. etc. I don’t believe Turkey has given any assurances of not being a road block that they can’t walk back.

The Russian Army is dug in like Missouri tick on a bloodhound’s neck folds. They aren’t going anywhere any time soon even if Putin has to threaten to skin them alive to a man and make a giant bodysuit for his mechanical golum if he has to. The Ukrainians are putting up a great insurgency and they’re making every inch of seized territory cost liters of Russian blood, but the Russians can throw a lot of men and material into the grinder and will continue to do so until they essentially run out of both. I know people hope this is over soon but it just isn’t going to happen without a time machine or three ghosts visiting Putin and making him see the errors of his Scrooge-ish ways.


Again, fuck that guy. Turkey was strategically crucial in the Cold War, but today they need NATO more than NATO needs Turkey. And while NATO doesn’t necessarily need Sweden and Finland, having them as members certainly circumscribes Putin’s options without escalating a wider conflict.


If they don’t go anywhere, then they’ll die on the spot. Ukraine started taking back ground like a month ago.

I don’t know, I’ve never assembled one.