Finland school shooting

Just seen this on my news ticker.

Anyone have more details from their local news sites?

Not much, only that they think the shooter is a 20 year old student at the school.
The police will hold a press conference at 1300 (local time).

This from the Swedish paper DN:

Several people wounded, at least one taken away in an ambulance, several might be dead.

One classroom on fire in a school with 200 students, with the perpetrator being a 20 y/o male dressed in black shooting with a high-caliber weapon. He has barricaded himself in one room and is isolated.

The school is a trade-school, so no young children.

A tad difficult for me to read.

So sorry to hear about this, but am surprised to hear about such a thing in Finland!
Is it that easy to get an automatic rifle there?

Which is why i summarised it.

Nothing about an automatic rifle in the Swedish papers. My guess would be a high-cal hunting rifle.

But we’ll know more after the press-conference.

Presumably gun ownership is reasonably high in Finland? Have there been (m)any similar cases?

November last year an 18-year old in Jokela killed eight of his school mates and then took his own life.

Here is the link to the story breaking on MSNBC.

Here’s a link to the English version of Helsingin Sanomat. The latest breaking news updated in Finnish right now is that the police have found the shooter and he has apparently taken his own life. One person with gunshot injuries has been brought into the nearest large hospital; they’re expecting more. Also, the school building is on fire.

People are talking a lot about this because of the Jokela case just last year; much like in that case, the Internet community has been surprisingly quick at digging up the name of the perpetrator, since he posted YouTube videos of himself shooting things and claimed to be from Kauhajoki, which is a pretty small place.

Wallenstein, I believe the last numbers were about 700 000 gun-owners and approx. 1.6 million guns in a country of 5.25 million, so a bit over 13% of the population. Most guns seem to belong to hunters; I don’t recall the exact proportions, but there are far more people who hunt than who belong to shooting clubs etc. Despite the fact that there have been two school shootings in the past year, the weapon of choice for Finns still seems to be the knife, if you look at various violence and death statistics.

Edit: I should add that 1.6 million is the amount of legal guns. The illegal ones, of course, rarely show up in official statistics…

According to the finnish newspaper Österbottens tidning the police have confirmed 9 dead and 2 wounded. The perpetrator shot himself in the head but is still alive.

He posted a video on youtube last week firing a handgun in a quarry; the police interviewed him but looks like they didn’t take any further action. :frowning:

Newest developments courtesy of Helsingin Sanomat:

Apparently, the police interviewed the suspectyesterday because of YouTube videos he had posted, but found no cause to detain him.

Theposting of video material on YouTube before the shooting seems very much like what happened last year in Jokela. Also, like last year, members of IRCGalleria quickly connected the dots concerning the identity of the gunman.