Finn Again's Wake

You disingenuous, sadly predictable but poisionous soured piece of shit!

Your anti humanity rhetoric is no longer funny and no longer can be taken as the 3D technicolour diarrhea and vomitus of a senile rabid rat that can be daintily stepped over. Your crass stupidity and blindness to the truth exposes you horribly for the sad uninformed and blind-as-he-wont-see pile of puke that you are. If you can’t tell the truth, then lie at the top of yoru voice! Is that the way to go Finny? Sorry princess it doesn’t wash here! Israel has the right to exist but that doesn’t excuse her seriously fucking dodgy actions!

You are a souless, spineless Netanyahu bitch slapped indoctrinated shrill for those few Knazis in the Knesset! How have you not vaporised with embarrassment? Dude you espouse dismissive self superior crap! Its not my country right or wrong any more sweetie! For two reasons at least, First its not defined where your country is, and secondly you really can’t ignore the fucking neighbours!

You can always and easily quote a rewritten history to suit your tunnelled, nay subterreanean vision of a beleaguered nation trying to establish a homeland. -Recent thread you declared the St Dave’s hotel bombing as a legitimate military target. Oh listen dude what about the assassination of british sergeants who’s hanging bodies were subsequent booby trapped? Legit also? Nah thats not terroism thats the loyal patriots having a laugh! What about the bus full of British nurses that was hijacked and blown up by Stern’s gang? One man’s terroist is another mans guest at a bris eh Finny boy? And you know what? These terroists/freedom fighters were invited to the negotiating table. Sorry kitten but you have to begotiate with your own described terroists now! You brave freedom fighter you!

You sallow shallow disingenious piece of fetid crap!

You are asked in so many threads to say whether you think the Israelis have done anything that could be criticised. Every single time you dodge, divert and avoid the issue. You are happy to pile on ad hominens or the good old Tu Quo Quo as your lock stock and fucking boringly predictible rusty barrel as you try to to body swerve the rising sun. Hey dude gotta tell ya, the sun rises every freakin day you can’t avoid it forever! ( But a fucking morose night dweller like you will give it a run for the filthy lucre eh boy?

And you know what? That makes you a sorry excuse for a human.

You know something else also? I have read the bile you print here often and pass over (sic) to my Jewish friends snippets of your right wing hate filled diatribe and rants and raves.

You are an unequalled embarrassment to them too. And by the way these aren’t absent American pseuedo xian fundie jews or economic refugee Ukrainian jews these are your down to earth Haifa Bay folk who actually lived in the freakin conflict area!

Oh and you want to know why they are here with me out of Israel? Its because to a man and a girl they all think the present Israeli government’s attitude to peace with the neighbours is a joke. They think its gonna blow up , they think it has to blow up because of the pressure that the government is piling on the palestinians.

The only people who want to go there are economic immigrants escaping from Somalia, Africa or East Europe. The Israeli intelligentsia is leaving. ( google that buddy and you will see I am right)

Its all about the money

Except its not with you… You have the supreme benefit of arguing the cost of everything while all the while willfully knowing the value of nothing! Jack Schitt! Zero!

How the hell do you look at your own face when you get a shave in the morning without crying or laughing? You are a sorry sad apology for a debator. Keep your own fascist views by all means but dont try to stifle discussion within the adults on the board. Listen dude Israel has to live in that neck of the woods. Okay the neighbours may be not be immediate PTA material but you have a few skeletons in your own closet too. You’re doing Israel’s cause no good at all with your “my country right or wrong” message!

Give your head a shake!

I don’t like James Joyce, either!

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but something about this OP tells me **manila **has a smidgen of dislike for Finn Again. Maybe it’s a sixth sense or something.

Funny thing is, if you can get him to actually set a position, its not that crazy. I mean a position in terms of what is to be done, his views on how we got into this mess are deranged, but that doesn’t really matter, because the only issue worth talking about is how to get out.

But his style of argument is so bitter and venemous…well, let me put it this way: if tomorrow, he were to come out against chiggers and in favor of cold beer, bar-b-q and pecan pie, I would probably re-think my positions.

The Pit doesn’t have nearly enough good rants anymore. Thanks for helping restore the tradition.


Seriously, though, Finn Again is a total prick and every single post he makes on the subject reinforces that - mostly because every single post he has ever made on the subject says the exact same thing, just with different wordage.


Nice rant, but too comprehensible. It should be at least fifty times longer, and written in an idioglossia with a shit load of embedded literary references for us all to argue about for the next few decades.

Suggest you re-write before final submission.


How long have you been holding on to this pun for?

Quite clever, though.

BTW Monkey: It would be Finn Agains Wake if it related to Joyce. He didn’t use an apostrophe, because his book wasn’t confusing enough.

Gee, “final submission”. Sounds ominous. Or pervo, one or the other.

It has a nice beat, but I’m not sure if I can dance to it.

OP, that is an EPIC rant.

I kind of like FinnAgain.


Funny, you can’t point out any factual errors I made and yet you call me a liar. It’s funny that you have to lie in order to claim I lied. Well, not funny, kinda sad.

Yes, the location of the British militarily headquarters was. The hint that it’s a military target is that it was the military headquarters. Try using your head for something other than a hat-rack, okay?

Actually, that’s you being a fucking moron and putting words in my mouth. Much like the rest of the assholes who inhabit some GD threads and feel that disagreeing with them gives them license to lie about me. Here, try a very basic thought experiment (I know, thought, scary): if it’s not terrorism to attack a valid military target, does that mean that it’s not terrorism to booby trap corpses and murder nurses? If you’re not a complete waste of space, the answer should be obvious.

… it’s not obvious to you, is it?

You are a lying piece of shit.





What I do avoid is mouthbreating idiots like you who try to make threads all about me when they can’t discuss the facts, so they allege I’m a traitor to the United States and an Israeli Pawn (gee, wonder why I don’t answer them?) or they use the back door, ever-so-clever-and-sneaky approach of trying to hijack a thread and ask me to describe in detail all of the events that Israel was involved in and to justify or condemn them all.
No, you water-headed, rage-fueled liar, I will not ever grant the bottom feeders the privilege of turning a debate on the facts into a series of personal discussions of me.

Bonus pointz, though, for your idiocy of “All my friends, taken from the sample of those who dislike Israeli policies enough to leave the country, disagree with you!”.

You say as you construct an OP that rebuts not one single fact, spits endless ad hominems and is based on lies. Good job spunky.
More bonus point for describing the explicitly authorized measures of 4th Geneva Convention as “fascist”.

Besides the fact that I’m an American (you fucking idiot) and I’ve gone on record criticizing Israel (you fucking idiot) and you’re a hyperventilating moron hopped up on pure stupid-juice, yeah, thanks for the OP.
You fucking idiot.

Would asking for a Steel Cage match be over the top?

The OP is just a lying idiot who can’t handle debate in Great Debates and who can’t address let alone refute my claims, so he just spews bile and whines about ad hominem fallacies in an OP that’s one big long ad hom fallacy.

Fight him? Fuck, he’s just another member of the “Can’t debate the facts, I’ll attack you as a person!” crowd. There’s not really much more of a reason for me to address him as I’vde already fulfilled the tradition of a pitee responding to their pit thread, to be honest.

This is the most hilariously tepid fiery denunciation I’ve seen in quite awhile.

You Brits is a gas.

I score the first round manila 10, FinnAgain 8. Reminiscent of this. Great haymakers. I hope you guys did not tire out and still have enough energy for a few more rounds.

So despite his claims being built on lies, half truths, avoiding the factual issues while declaring that I’d gotten them all wrong, bombastic spew, a string of ad hominem fallacies while bemoaning my (fictional) use of ad hominem fallacies… he did a great job.
I will give points though for the fact that OP’s like this expose the intellectual cripples who can’t actually defend let alone rebut a position, but who are just so annoyed by their limitations that they have to lash out. “I don’t like the factual claims you make and I don’t agree with you you you you… fascist!”

It’s a bit like one of those dogs that fits in a woman’s purse getting its ears back and growling.
I know that Manila means to be making some ferocious assault upon my argument and what it demonstrates about my character, but I’m left thinking “Awwww. who’s a brave little puppy? Yes you are, oh yes you are!”

Great start to round 2. Those are the jabs that set you up for the win.

Now I understand what ivn is talking about with lame pit rants. Well done OP!