Fire Paste

I have no idea of what to make of this.

Video of him demonstrating the stuff and it being analyzed can be found here.

Uh huh. :rolleyes:

This guy has NO idea what these professors are talking about. :slight_smile:

ah, what a guy. This is a lunatic who decide to build himself a bear proof suit so that he could go head to head against a kodiak bear. A truly fascinating nutjob, if I ever did see one. I don’t have much faith in his understanding or commitment to science though. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

From the article:

Everything does, buddy. Take grade 9 science.

I love how they go through the trouble of checking it out with an electron microscope, but don’t go through the trouble of determining the material’s heat resistance or heat conductivity, you know, with instruments and stuff. :rolleyes:

Why is there a tanker truck labeled “FLAMMABLE” sitting just a few feet behind him as he plays around with a large blowtorch?

Holy sweet Jesus! You’re right! It’s the Bear Suit Anal Plug Guy! Credibility rating just went down by another 25%.

Because he is a NUTJOB!!!

I find it especially amusing that in this picture, there is SMOKE wafting up behind his head.

“Look! See? Not hot! Hah!”


are the photographers gone yet?


Looks like Fire Paste is already trademarked, anyway. Way to research, Bear Suit Guy!

See, that’s the Fire Paste that I thought he was talking about when I read the title of the thread. That’s some great stuff.

As for Fire Paste Man, if his inventions work who cares if he understands just why they do? He is making paste people. Not microchips. :dubious:

That’s because the Discovery people have no idea what the scientists are talking about either.

And so they just go to U of Toronto and talk to some people in some labs, and lo and behold, the people in the labs use only the equipment in their own labs to look at the stuff.

At no point was any sort of comprehensive analytical approach used… it was just “what kind of cool stuff can we do for the cameras.”

That’s why I hate Discovery. It’s science stripped of meaning and boiled down to pure hype.

The man may have stumbled on to something, and the fact that he can do some demonstrations are promising, but he needs to at least take some dry fire paste powder in a drum, load it into crop duster, mix with water and spray onto a field or a structure, and then put the torch to it. Then he needs to take a fire hose and wash off the fire paste. Only then will his claims begin to be taken seriously.

And he needs to reveal the ingredients before he can do that, or else do the demonstration where he can collect the runoff and dispose of it properly. He better get that patent, or if he can’t patent it, then establish terms with the applicable patent holders.

As for the FP-13 kevlar/fire paste structural material, well, NASA has some very strict testing procedures to accurately mimic shuttle reentry conditions. Holding a match to one side and a torch to the other ain’t one of them.

I kind of like his whole “I laminated my paste with 10 layers of kevlar and put it on an aluminum backing, boy howdy look how strong it is!” Um… maybe that’s the kevlar…

A proper test is so freekin easy it astounds me that this guy is screwing around with matches, barbie dolls, helmets and minature houses. It also surprises me that a TV show is going to spend all that money to get pictures of him saying “Barbie looks great!” Ok, maybe that shouldn’t surprise me at all…

Get a high temp thermometer or two, some competing insulating materials, a few blow torches, and a notebook to write down the results in, sheesh!

Oh yeah, SmartGuy? You know why his head is smoking?! It’s because his hairdo is so damn hot!

My favorite part in the video is where he takes the charred, fire paste covered piece of whatever that was, rubs it in the MUD a few good times and proceeds to chew on it. :eek: