Fire Truck Pulls Over Our Summer Intern On Her Way To Work

Yes, a fire truck.
Lights, sirens.
She pulls over.
Fireman gets out and walks to her car.

He asks her out for a date.

She declined.

Like the sound of a million Dopers headdesking… [/Obi-Wan]


Well, I have to admit I was thinking, as I clicked on the thread title…
“Was she hot?”


(ducks and scampers.)

Smokin’ hot.

Damn. Why couldn’t that have ever happened to me?


Quaint as this may seem, it also seems like a civil suit just waiting to happen.

Thats nothing. Look what our fire fighters are doing in Sacramento.

Maybe if you drove around in a convertible wearing a low-cut top and miniskirt…

Firefighters can pull you over? I thought that was the police.

It is against the law to use a siren or siren/light combination outside of the rigidly defined parameters of your civil mandate.

Your intern is likely immature/frightened to file charges, and she is the one who was pulled over. That is a shame.

The driver of the truck should be arrested. End of tale.

I drove an ambulance for 6 years and was a NYS EMT for 3 of those years. Messiah Complex my foot. One does not ever abuse the priveledge granted by the state in operating an emergency vehicle.

I have the same level of contempt and raw hatred for that kind of trick as I do for an adult who abuses the trust a child places in them in such situations as school coach/athletic teams.

What state and city did this occur in?

Cartooniverse, retired NYS EMT

Firefighters may not pull you over ever no matter what. They are NOT charged by a state or local municipality with law enforcement. Witnessing a crime, they might well trail you and call in for law enforcement back-up. THAT is fair and logical.

:frowning: Jackasses. Give all of us a bad name…

Couldn’t firefighters pull over a vehicle if its cargo was on fire?

OP here.

Happened this morning here in Las Vegas, NV.

The rest of the story:
One of the women at work asked, “well, was the fireman cute?”
“He was old - at least 30 or 35”
“What did you say?”
“I told him I was just 18 and going to freshman year of college in the fall. He backed off and said, ‘oh. Sorry.’ and then they drove away.”
“But was he cute?” woman at office persisted.
“I donno. Like I said, he was old. I guess he might be good looking for you.”

And that is all I know of the story.

She doused his flames…

I agree completely. This is absolutely fucking outrageous behavior! Anyone who tried to pull that sort of thing where I work would be fired.

St. Urho, CO Paramedic

I cannot say with any certainty since laws vary, but yes- it is fair to guess that if a firetruck filled with on-duty personnel witnessed a moving vehicle that was on fire or smoking badly, they might well pull up and “bump” their air horn or kick their siren to get the attention of the driver, to effect a controlled pull-off onto the shoulder.

We’re not talking about people doing their job here. At all.

And, as an added thought: In the state of New York, impersonating a police officer is a felony, not a misdemeanor violation. They used their sirens and lights to pull a car out of traffic and effectively do a “traffic stop”.

While I bet it’ll never come to that, the driver is guilty of felony impersonation of a police officer.

Jackass, again. His union will defend his behavior and it will go away…but get this- if that truck was seen off on the side of the roadway at the same moment a fire was called in, and their response time was delayed by even 30 seconds… then they’d lose their jobs.

Sounds like a spin-off of Reno 911.

Bolding mine.


Goddamn, its not like he was using a fire engine to transport kiddie porn.

A teacher of mine in high school told us his brother used to do this. He was a cop and whenever he’d notice a cute chick cruising down the highway, he’d turn on his siren, pull her over, and then “let her off with a warning”, after asking her number or whatever.