Firearm/Ammunition Question

In the “whyizzit” category there are:

-Rifles, pistols and revolvers chambered for .22 cal.

-Rifles and revolvers chambered for .44 mag, and .357 but I’ve never seen a pistol

-Rifles and pistols chambered for .45, but I’ve never seen a revolver

-Same with 9mm, pistol and rifle, but not revolver

Of course there could be occasional exceptions to these, but to my knowledge none of these exceptions have ever been mass marketed.

.22LR is cheap, low recoil(good for training and teaching beginners).

.357/.44 are rimmed which makes it more difficult to feed properly from a magazine. They can be used in a rifle with a tubular magazine.
There are a few pistols, Desert Eagle for one.

.45 and 9mm, same as above but in reverse. Without a rim, the round will just fall through the cylinder. There are stamped metal clips(moon, half-moon) to take the place of a rim on the cartridge.

I like that page. “Looking for your first pistol? This isn’t it.”

There’s one of these guys firing .45 Colt in nearly every western ever made. .45 ACP, now that’s a different matter. :slight_smile:

Hmm. Are you referring to the ammo? Well it used to be cheap. I’ve been very unsuccessful in finding cheap .22LR nowadays. :frowning:

It’s been a while since I did any shooting. I didn’t know the ammo shortage was affecting the .22 supply.

Oh yeah, difficult to find anything, and it’s all more expensive. Only .22lr I’ve seen lately is in 50 packs.

Good thing I still have about 800 rounds of it in the closet from years ago.

Around here .22 is the hardest to find. There was an article in the paper here a couple weeks ago about the same people showing up at gun dealers early in the morning of the day ammo is delivered. They buy all of the .22 in a very short time.
I’ll see if I can find a link.

found it

I have a strong suspicion the 550 bricks of .22LR sold at Walmart never make it to the shelf.

I’ve been very unsuccessful in finding ANY .22LR nowadays.

(fixed that for you):smiley:

S&W did a 9mm revolver for the bureaucratic requirement of the French police some years ago, the Model 547. It was required to use the same cartridge as the sub-machine-guns they already had. It did not sell well commercially, perhaps because most people who did want to shoot 9mm in their gun wanted more than six shots, and has been discontinued.
Both Colt and S&W made .45 Auto versions of their standard large-frame revolvers of the day for the US military in WW1, again due to the logistical requirement to use the pistol cartridge already in use.
Commercial customers for these ideas have been few.

Rugar also made a 9mm revolver.

Taurus and Charter Arms still make them. Charter Arms version is unique in that the cylinder is set up so moon clips don’t have to be used. It seems to me that set up would hamper reloading quickly.

Well, you can still get it mail-order, but it’s not cheap. Especially when shipping costs are taken into account. :frowning:

New England Firearms makes/made a .22 revolver for many years. It’s a decent survival type weapon and it was popular prior to .22 automatics becoming of higher quality.

S&W makes teh Model 625 which is chambered for .45 ACP, but it was never popular.

I have one shop I go to where I can always get .22lr. Always. It’s not cheap, around .12 per round. Quality ammo though. Usually in 500-525 round bricks of American Eagle or Federal (blue box).

Yesterday on our way to the range, my friend and I stopped by a (different) shop in her part of town to drop off some flyers for a ladies only rifle shoot event. The guy behind the counter that she knows was like, “Psst…over here” and had 525 round bricks of Remington .22lr. He usually only sells 100-200 round to a customer at a time, but because he knew her he sold us the 525 round bricks whole at a pretty good price (for these days) $45. I don’t think the Remington is as good as the American Eagle, but hey, you don’t pass up buying .22lr at a decent price when it’s available.