My new .22 revolver is SWEET! (Calling all rimfire fans)

Last week I bought a Taurus Model 94 in .22. It is black-finished, with a five-inch barrel and a 9-shot cyclinder. I can’t get enough of this gun. It’s a low-end firearm. probably considered a “plinker,” but even so the 9-shot cylinder is really cool. Plus, it will fire literally ANY kind of ammo that is .22 rimfire, except .22 Magnum. So far I’ve fire CB Caps through it, powder-less Colibris (an airgun pellet propelled by the primer charge alone) etc. through this thing. I could also fire shotshells, blanks, .22 Shorts, and just about anything else through it if I so desired. Sweet!

Any other .22 fans out there?

Well, this is interesting. According to this website, these Colibris I’ve been using are some of the lowest velocity .22 ammunition made by far. Interesting.

I’m not a wheelgun fan, but I must admit, they’ll fire ANYTHING of the appropriate caliber.

Kinda like my AKs… one of which is .223, which some people do call “22 caliber” :slight_smile:

I do love my 10/22 and my Buckmark though. In addition to those primer-only loads, I’ve shot the subsonic rounds (the ones whose bullet is longer that the brass), shotshells, and tracers.

The tracers were great fun (and educational - you don’t grok riccochets until you’ve shot tracers). You can get 'em really cheap, compared to gunstore prices, from

I’ve got a number of rimfire firearms… They can’t be beat for range time or just plain fun!

  • Remington Model 52 (was my father’s),
  • Colt Woodsman (serial number in the low 4 digets, I’ll look it up when I get home),
  • An unidentified single-shot break-open bicycle pistol from the earliest days of rimfire,
  • A Remington Viper,
  • A Ruger .22 revolver with two cylinders: One for .22, one for .22 WMR.

Love the wheel-gun! It shoots where I want it to, just like pointing my finger, and I can fire all afternoon-long without blowing the grocery money.

My father has a .22 training kit for the m1911a1, which he keeps promising to let me try, but it aways winds up that he’s having too much fun to share. :stuck_out_tongue: He also has a .22 Beretta, which is one sweet piece of machine-work!

I have a Ruger Single-Six too, but I haven’t gotten around to firing it yet. It’s the older model with the three screws (before Ruger started recalling them and making them safer). That’s why I bought it.

I have a Ruger Mk II automatic that I’ve fired a bit. I wanted the plain sights and the short barrel – the “traditional” configuration. I’d like to have a different model though, for variety.

What I’d really like to have is the H&R Model 999. I just love the way it looks and works.

I think if I had one of these I’d think I died and went to heaven. Two guns for the price of one! they ought to bring back the old Beals revolving rifle concept from the Civil War. One gun in .22 could shoot damn near everything from .22 Short to .220 Swift.

I’d like a Beals, too. Just can’t afford one these days… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’d like a Single Six, start here. Mine is also one of the older three-screw jobs, and it’s such a sweetheart of a pistol. The Colt Woodsman I recieved from an elderly cousin. He felt mortality approaching, and unloaded his firearms collection about six months before he died. Unfortunately, he had an old Anschutz with a genuine Pope barrel, that I wasn’t able to buy before he died. It was sold by the estate, at a price I couldn’t reach (Well, I couldn’t reach it before, either, but I’d hoped he’d live long enough for me to save my pennies). :frowning: The Woodsman has seen some heavy use, 'cause Everett used to hunt pheasant with it! He rarely come home empty-handed, either. Even in his 93rd year, he had the hands, eyes, and reflexes of a thirty year-old. No, scratch that. Better. Consequently, the Woodsman doesn’t see use, as it needs some refurbishment. Maybe next summer.

Can I shamelessly hijack? (I’m too embarrassed for some reason to make a new thread topic about this.)

Last Sunday I shot an M16. That’s right, full auto fun. It was the most exhilarating 5 seconds of my life. And none of this “3 shot burst” stuff. I inserted a full magazine and held the trigger in. tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat.

It was too cool. :cool: