Fireball Whiskey mini-bottles and toothpicks with dental floss

Why am I starting a Pit thread about these two items? Because it seems I can’t go anywhere without seeing the bottles by the side of the road, and the toothpicks in the parking lot.

Doesn’t anyone throw these in the garbage? I kinda sorta understand the whiskey mini-bottles (they want to drink it and don’t want the people they live with to know about it) but floss picks? Just pitch them, mmmmkay?

(I’ve probably made a couple dollars off the mini-bottles I’ve picked up while walking in my neighborhood. Maybe the people at the grocery store think I’m an alcoholic, but I’m not.)

I have noticed the flosspicks in parking lots, as well. Weird.
The most numerous thing I see on parking lots is hair elastics.

When I was volunteering at the highschool I started picking up pencils. In the span of a school year I had a shoe box full. I tried to donate them to a few teachers. They were not interested. They all had boxes of pencils from their classrooms.:smack:

Many years ago when those little dental floss picks showed up, I said to whoever I was with that they would be the new cigarette butts and we’d be seeing them all over the place. Sure enough within a few months, they were everywhere.
My theory is that people carry them around and use them under the impression that a quick floss here and there will give them perfect looking teeth. They’re small and convenient and disposable so people keep them in their car. After they use them, they get chucked out the window because they don’t want used dental floss in the car.
It may not be a good reason, but IMO, it’s the/a reason.

As for the whisky, I’ve never seen those in the road. What I do see, however, is a lot of beer cans. I just assume that the vast majority of those (especially near stoplights and freeway offramps) are from people drinking in the car and then tossing the can out so if they get pulled over, they don’t end up with an open container charge on top of the DUI.

I also see a lot of energy drink cans around here.

Fireball Whiskey mini-bottles and toothpicks with dental floss

Two of the more common ingredients in the new Brady Bunch method of making meth. You can get the dental picks for free almost everywhere, you don’t even need to have teeth. The mini bottles of Fireball are because who the hell would drink that shit anyway? A weak 10 volt battery and some black electrical tape and you are on your way.

I think (by number of items) I see more cigarette butts than all other litter put together. I seldom see people throw anything from their car except butts, see it happen everyday.

As far as the whiskey goes, they should just make those bottles edible, like some kind of Willy Wonka thing. That litter is no more.
The dental floss thing? Edible probably won’t work for that. Here’s all the shit you just plucked out of your teeth. NOW EAT IT!
I just don’t know how to get the people who toss plastic out of their car windows to decide against doing that. As a young, optimistic, naive person I used to believe that the average person had an average level of intelligence, and that an average level was pretty good. But, as recent Presidential elections have shown me, the average level of intelligence is actually quite fucking stupid.

At least cigarette butts are biodegradable.

Well sort of but it takes a very long time and they do a lot of damage on the way Cigarette butts are the forgotten plastic pollution – and they could be killing our plants

I got out of mu car in a parking lot last week and noticed four Fireball minibottles that had been flattened by cars. Four! It made me wonder why so many were there.

Maybe somebody was cleaning out their back seat.

I had no idea this beverage was so popular. Does the cinnamaldehyde make one’s breath smell less boozey or something?

At first I thought the thread title was some sort of attempt at a blues tune.

Some people use tobacco, some ethanol, some methamphetamine, some oxycontin, some smoke weed and some eat THC gummy bears.

And some people drink cinnamaldehyde.

Pick your poison.

(Personally, I think Jim Beam Kentucky Fire is a superior cinnamon bourbon, if you want cinnamon in your bourbon or whiskey, but I can’t find it anymore. I will drink Fireball from time to time. I also eat white sugar and use real butter. In small amounts none of that will be too harmful in an otherwise healthy lifestyle.)

The only people I know that drink fireball use it to cover-up weed odor on their breath.

I’d think that if you’re in a position where you need to hide the fact that you’re high (assuming you’re expected to be sober), covering it with alcohol might not be the best idea.

No, these are people who are “allowed” to be drunk, but would be in some serious trouble over cannabis. Think people 18-25 living with their parents.

That makes more sense. I was thinking more along the lines of people at work or school.

Fireball Whiskey mini-bottles and toothpicks with dental floss

Worst version of “My Favorite Things” ever.

Well, I know what song I’m parodying next.

I have found empty small bottles of booze when cleaning up the store, but no toothpicks. In my decades of walking, I’d say cigarette butts and empty cigarette packs are about half of all litter.