Firecrackers in bulk: mat or brick?

All my life I’ve heard the term “mat” used to describe a package containing 80 packs of firecrackers. Lately I’ve been hearing the term brick of frecrackers.

Are these terms equivalent?

Oh, Happy belated 4th of July :slight_smile:

When I was a kid, I would purchase bricks of firecrackers (illegaly). I’ve never heard the term mat.

AFAIK, fire crackers come in three package varieties these days (Now I’m specifically referring to crackers, not bottle rockets, mortars, etc.). You can get:

The aforementioned Brick, which is a bunch of smaller packages loosely bound with cellophane and needing individual fuse lighting,

The Wheel, which is one long continuous strip of hundreds of crackers able to be lit once and completely blown off, or

The very silly “M-1000 Xtreme Silver Flash Cherry Bomb Salute” ones that look like old school big crackers, but really are just regular low powder crackers with better packaging and the stiff green wick.

Interesting. I’d never heard of bricks until recently; mat was always the term for the “brick”. Googling will show both terms in use.

There’s also the little ones, about the size of an old lady finger, packed loose, with the green fuse. Called dragon fangs, or some such nonsense, they will go off under water, and with a magnesium/sulfur charge are about as loud as a gunpowder filled 1.5 incher.