Fired for not doing sex scenes?

According to this site, Neal McDonough was dumped from a role because he refuses to do sex scenes. I know there are some actresses that won’t do nude scenes and so get body doubles. There are some that won’t take a part because they find out the script gets too explicit for them or else get turned down for roles because they have certain stipulations about nudity/sex but I’ve never heard of someone getting fired from a role before.

Have there ever been any other actors/actresses that have been canned for not wanting to do love scenes? And for you actors, do you ever feel conflicted when doing a love scene, like you are “cheating” in some way? How does your partner feel, especially if the scene is intense and/or graphic? And, of course, do you get turned on?

I think Kirk Cameron refuses to do any kind of romantic scenes with anyone but his wife.

Yeah, but Kirk Cameron also believes that the banana is proof of creationism.

There are a number of female porn stars who will work with women but will only have “boy girl” sex with their [strikeout]suitcase pimp[/strikeout] boyfriend.

Well, if you split the banana, put ice cream in the middle, and cover that with hot fudge, strawberries, and whipped cream the result IS Divine.


Well, I doubt that Divine was ever fired for refusing to do a sex scene.

Change “strikeout” to “del.”

I don’t think it was just love scenes. It seems he refuses to kiss anyone on screen as well, which I think is a little…odd, for an actor. He needs to stick to war movies, it seems.

As somebody noted in the comments, “he’ll play psycho deranged murderers but won’t do sex scenes.” Somebody has their values a little out of tune, I think.

I don’t know too much about the porn industry, but I would be pretty surprised if there are very many (as in almost none at all) so highly in-demand female performers that are in a position to put conditions on who they will or will not “work” with…

It just seems stupid to me that you would hire someone like that in the first place. If you know they won’t do it, don’t hire them for a position that requires it.

That depends on whether he actually has to kill anybody to play a deranged murderer.

That could well be considered evidence of God, and proof of his mercy and love.

Sex and/or nude scenes are usually the very first scenes filmed so if an actor backs backs out at the last moment they can be replaced without having to reshoot alot of scenes.

If they need a hairy ass as a stunt double, then I’m available. :smiley: I’d be more than happy to snuggle up to a hollywood actress.

They got to keep my face covered. Otherwise my wife will kill me. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Neal Mcdonough was going to play Wolf???

Scoundrels is based on Outrageous Fortune, one of NZ’s best dramas of the last five years. Wolf is played here by Grant Bowler, AKA Captain Gault from Lost and Conner from Ugly Betty. Bowler has tremendous presence as Wolf: and dominates every scene he is in. (which is tough because the rest of the cast is very very good as well)

Outrageous Fortune is full of sex, nudity, violence and drug use: it will be interesting to see how watered down the series will get on network US TV. But McDonough (who is a great actor I enjoy watching) would make a poor Wolf: so I’m glad he’s been replaced.

The rest of the cast looks pretty good. We will see.

I don’t know if she’s been fired from anything, but Julia Roberts has been turned down for roles because she won’t do nudity.

When Kirk Cameron was on Growing Pains and in his early psycho-fundie days he refused to do a scene in which his character was shown in bed with an actress. In the scene he was fully clothed (or pajamas anyway) AND when the camera pulls away you learn he’s on stage- he and the woman he’s in bed with are appearing in a play. He still accused the producers of promoting pornography and called one of the network execs to tell him he’d quit before doing the scene.
Since the show was bringing in money the network caved. I wish they’d had the cajones to tell him to “go Caruso yourself”.
My understanding is that the amount of sex/nudity an actor will or won’t do is negotiated with their agent even to the how many seconds and ‘is there any frontal’ and the like before a movie is made so it’s never actually ‘sprung’ on them. Especially today when a 1 second or less nude scene can be screen-captured and wind up at 400,000 addresses on the net (you can find Heath Ledger’s manhood all over the web from a zoom-in of a motion scene that lasted a couple of seconds in Brokeback Mountain and Dicaprio’s from a split second in Total Eclipse and Daniel Radcliffe and Johnny Galecki have nude stills everywhere from plays they appeared in that had strict “no photo” policies) it’s probably even more of a talked-to-death issue than ever before.

Not that you were looking, of course.

There was a recent blip about Kirk Cameron refusing an onscreen kiss because it wasn’t his wife. The producers solved the issue by having his wife do a stand in.

On the other hand, I’ve seen both Kirk and his wife Chelsea Noble in person. Chelsea Noble is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes on. And I’m a gay male so for me to notice it takes a lot of doing. So why kiss anyone else when you got that at home waiting for him :slight_smile:

That said, not exactly nudity but I recall in the early 80s, John Schneider and Tom Wopat both publicly stated that they were tired of doing shirtless scenes. They said it was if the writers said “Let’s have Bo and Luke Duke shirtless. OK Now what situations can we put them in that require they not have a shirt on.”

Gregory “Trapper John MD” Harrison also complained about the show purposely putting him in towels and such way too often.

So while those actors refused or walked off they weren’t happy about it