How far would you be OK with your spouse going? (making out with someone else on TV)

Kirk Cameron is known for his stance that he won’t kiss any woman on TV who isn’t his wife.

Suppose that you are married to a movie actor or actress - how far would you be OK with your spouse going, in terms of making out with someone else in their movie role? Kissing okay? What about flat-out sex?

Does it “not count” if it is just for acting?

Love scenes are part and parcel of professional acting. And if you’ve entered into a relationship with an actor you should know what you’re getting into. I doubt most couples in the business have an issue with kissing or even some intimate touching, as long as it stays in front of the camera. Besides, by most accounts, movie and TV love scenes are not nearly as sexy to do as they are to watch.

As for flat-out sex, well, you’re talking about porn, and that’s a whole other animal. But there are indeed married porn performers. In the end, it’s up to each couple to determine their own boundaries.

In somewhat related news, Kirk Cameron is an idiot.

My wife would never want to be an actor, but I’d be OK with it if she did. I’m comfortable in our relationship, and not one to get jealous.

Speaking of stage/kisses, a friend of hers got her first stage kiss from Christopher Reeve when they were in college together.

I would put kissing/making out in the same category as murdering somebody. Okay for acting, not okay for real life.
Showing intimate body parts or sex is a different subject. Topless, maybe. Beyond that no.

I wouldn’t be especially happy about it but then I’m also not dating an actress. And I wouldn’t get far into a relationship with an actress if that was bothering me. I’d like to say I’m open-minded enough to not care but I’d probably care.

Since it feels like many people in the acting/movies biz tend to date/marry other people in the industry, I suspect they’re all more comfortable with the separation of work and real-life emotion.

Non-simulated sex isnt just in porn anymore.

. . . if you have a certain look, that is.

Plenty of actors don’t have to worry about this issue, as we’ve decided they’re too ugly for this kind of work.

I’m the actor in the family, my wife understands that I might have to kiss someone on stage or in a film, but also knows that few things are as unsexy as a stage kiss. Kissing is about as far as I’m willing to go, though. Local theatre and indy film just isn’t worth me considering the full monty, not that anyone would want to see that, anyway.

If you read Andre Agassi’s autobiography, he was furious when (then wife) Brooke Shields was on Friends and kissed/made-out with one of the actors on the show.

He was wise not to marry an actress the second time and he seems much happier with Steffi Graf, another former athlete.

Neal McDonough (Dum Dum Dugan on Captain America) has also refused to kiss anybody but his wife. He seems to be able to find work in spite of this.

If you scroll down in that second link, there’s a picture of him with his family. All his kids have his eyes… it’s kind of creepy…

Exactly. Onstage I’m too busy worrying about my lines and blocking to get into a kiss

I’d be ok with my wife being full nude and making out. I wouldn’t be happy with genital touching in either direction but dry humping/ simulated sex would be ok.

You’d think so but he got super pissy when I made out with Steffi at that party.

I would be OK with my husband doing pretty much anything except full on sex. I understand that for sex scenes the guys wear sort of genital socks or flesh colored bikini/thongish garments, not sure about women but our genitals are generally tucked between our legs and not really seen unless you really split open and display [other than tits, but I am pretty neutral on tit display.]

I have no problem with nudity, I can remember going to nude beaches back as young as 4 or 5 years old on vacations with my parents. I have done enough hospital time that I have no false modesty at all, though I wouldn’t want to take a crap or have sex in front of an audience, but several months of diapers and catheters and bedpans sort of kills that if I am in a hospital type setting. [you get to a point where it is what it is]

My Wife and I have been hanging around the shirt end of the show business for a good forty years. Doesn’t matter to me what a role might call for her to do, it’s not her doing it but her character. She still goes home with me.

Oddly enough I have never been placed in the position myself. This is one of the downsides to being comic relief.

I don’t think I’d like it and I’d never marry an actor.

There’s something profoundly unsexy about love scenes between actors who are married IRL. As for Neal McDonough, is there any real demand for him doing love scenes? He usually plays a cop or other tough guy. If he’s ever been a romantic lead, I must have missed it. Mark Wahlberg is as religiously Catholic as him, maybe moreso, and seemed to do okay for himself in Boogie Nights. Full disclosure: I think Boogie Nights is one of the greatest films made in the last 30 years, and how weird that Wahlberg and Burt Reynolds claimed afterwards to have hated it.

Message me later, I think I have a part for her in my play. Rehearsals begin this weekend. :smiley:

Reminds me off what happened to Fred from the Howard Stern Show years ago.

Fred was single and one day went out with a female fan of the show who was participating in a bit called Dial A Date. Apparently they got along well, in fact, they ended up getting married, but a lot of people considered the marriage to be almost like a continuation of the bit.

At this point Fred was making good money so his wife didn’t have to work, but apparently she had always wanted to be an actress. Seeing how they were in NYC, small theaters were in abundance and there were plenty of roles available, especially if you had an “edge”. And her “edge” was that she was married to someone that was part of the number one radio show in NYC. Casting directors thought that maybe, just maybe, by hiring her, the play might get a mention on Howard’s show.

She found plenty of work which made her happy and, in turn, made Fred happy. However, one day a fan called into the show and asked Howard if Fred knew his wife was making out with the young, handsome leading man in the play she was currently in on stage every night? Fred heard the question and said, “…no…”. It was a bit awkward to say the least. That night she apparently defended herself by saying it was “just acting”, but Fred quickly put a stop to it.

So Fred hadn’t gone to see his own wife’s play, and then “put a stop to it” based on its content?
He sounds like quite the catch.