Fired realtor, sold house! Wheee!

In this thread I detailed the circumstances that resulted in the swift termination of our contract with our realtor due to his unwillingness to actually talk to interested buyers or, heaven forbid, show the house.

Ah, karma.

The woman, who never spoke with our realtor, who responded via a Craigslist ad that I posted myself, to whom I showed the house after terminating the contract with the reator, has made an offer. The offer has been accepted, the sales contract signed, and the closing date has been set.

Isn’t it funny how life works out?

(and yes, we’ve made sure we’re completely in the clear wrt the ex-realtor and the non-commission for the non-service)

Good for you. I’m glad things are working out for you.

I also switched realtors to sell my house. I knew the realtor and had bought houses through him before, but my house languished on the market for 6 months. He really wasn’t showing it much at all, I think he just wanted to advertise and have the buyers come to him. So I switched and after another 3 months it finally sold.