Firefighters wreck wrong house in training exercise.

I guess the real training that went on in Braintree, MA. took place in the public relations office when the fire department went and tore holes into the wrong home recently.

:smack: :smack: :smack:

One hopes the town has the good graces not to fight the demands by the homeowners to repair the damage done by the firefighters. Can’t wait to see how this plays out…

Luckily, nobody was living in the home and nobody was injured during the…ah…er… invasion? Exercise? Attack? What does one call it when people break through windows and roof panels without warning?


Breaking and entering?

This was a paid department, too… (them -> :smack: me-> :dubious: )

I’m proud to be a volunteer right now…

The longer they take to issue a statement about this, the worse it will be for them from a public relations standpoint. Yes, there’s probably going to be a lawsuit. But saying, “Yeah, Bob didn’t pay attention to the address and we all made an assumption when we saw a house that fit the description; we screwed up” would go a long way right now.

Yeah. The “tighlipped and red-faced” bit didn’t bode well.

Hasn’t something like this happened before? Perhaps with police rather than firefighters?

Just a few days ago on the news or cops or something. A cop saw a fire around the back of the house, he proceded to wake up the elderly resident by smashing in all her front windows (they were glass blocks) and yelling “YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE, YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE.” Turns out the neighbors house was on fire.

Yikes! But that’s a lot more defensible given that there actually was an emergency going on. Whereas these firefighters clearly had time to stop and read addresses and such.

Still, mightily embarrasing for that poor cop, I’m sure.

There was a wonderful advert some years ago where they the SAS storm a house from the air - ziplines, bulletholes, stun grenades and all - only to be confronted by two old ladies who said something like, “Would you like some tea?” At which point they realise they’ve got the wrong house. I can’t recall what happens next, but it was suitably amusing.

Yes, and there was a thread on it, which I have no idea how to search for. Within the last six months, IIRC. Kansas City. Police broke down the door of a house as a training exercise.

Of course, I could begin by trying.

At least they didn’t set it on fire.