Firefly - "Ariel"

So, what did everyone think? Pull up a chair…

I thought it was great. Jayne is such an idiot.

I also loved the modern medical stuff. There was a lot of pretty inventive stuff in this show. It was also very violent. It’s gotta be the most violent episode so far.

Ahh, I don’t know. Whats his name betrayed the Doc and his Sis for money and at the end the Capitan let him live? That just doesn’t fly with me.


This was the first Firefly episode i’ve watched all the way through, and i must say i’m impressed.

Anyone else notice that the med ship they built was basically made out of a Mi-24 Hind fuselage?

Oh, I dunno … Jayne was forced to show complete weakness in front of Mal, which gives Mal psychological power over him. Plus, good muscle is … well, not that hard to find, but breaking in new crew members is always a pain.

Ummm…why didn’t they show any “scenes from next week’s episode” at the end? Was that just my local affiliate?

same thing happened when i watched too…hrmmm

Firefly has been pre-empted for two weeks. Instead, we get “Happy Gilmore” and something else.

that’s a load of crap…they better not cancel the show…

Okay… really freaking scary. is listing Happy Gilmore on next Friday at 7, and The Brady Bunch In The White House the friday after that.

Somebody tell me it isn’t cancelled. What’s going on?

According to Sam Stone (a couple of posts just before yours), it’s only on hiatus for a couple of weeks.

Hell, they do that sort of nonsense even to very succesful shows, so perhaps there’s still hope.

I like the line where Kaylee is at the junkyard, lamenting as to how she never gets to shop at those ritzy Central Worlds stores, and then her face lights up as she picks up some piece of junk: “Ooh…a synchronizer!”

They should have big fancy-schmancy high-end hardware stores, complete with tasteful decor and muted baroque string music playing in the background and snooty clerks who condescend to people who don’t know much about hardware, just for her sake.

Yeah, the official Firefly site lists the next episode as being on December 6.

There are three more episodes of Firefly ‘in the can’, and Fox has three more scripts. They haven’t ordered anything more than that so far. Apparently, they will be announcing the decision about Firefly early next week.

But it’s not a good sign that a bunch of shows have been renewed already, but Firefly hasn’t. I suspect that Fox is waiting for tonight’s ratings to show a move in audience size. If it doesn’t, they’ll probably kill it.

Excellent, excellent episode.

My favorite part: Jayne tries to shoot the lock off of a door (with some sort of energy-firing stun rifle he took off of a security guard) and says something to the effect of “Damn high-tech Alliance crap!”.

See, Joss Whedon decided that all guns on this show must fire bullets. Because, you know, phasors are lame.

Not only do I hope that Firefly has a long and successful run, I also hope that there will be plenty of Star Trek jokes like this in future episodes.

I’ve read Wheson or whatever his name is as saying they can’t afford them. :slight_smile:

As I’ve asked in other threads, is there a list of production order for the episodes?

Who else was annoyed when Reynolds spared Jayne?
I was vastly disappointed.

Actually, phasors are lame but phasers kick ass!

With respect to the Jayne thing, I think the captain knows that Jayne really did try to save Simon and River, and that he is genuinely remorseful for what he did. The fact that Jayne didn’t want anyone to know about it says he is embarassed at himself.

Don’t forget, River DID slash him with a kitchen knife, I could see why he might want her out of the way. Once Jayne realized that the Alliance screwed with her brain he changed his mind about the whole thing.

I thought this was a typically good episode. The plan came together a little to quick for my taste, but other than that, it was well done. I liked the amount of work they spent trying to learn the medical mumbo jumbo and the clerk just said “take 'em down to the morgue” without letting Mal say 2 words.

One thing to note… when asked about her checkup Inara never said she was healthy, just “same as last year” and “lots of needles and cold tables”.

Very good point, Cheesesteak. He hurried the Doc up to miss the Feds.

I enjoyed it immensely. I for one liked the ending. You could see Mal had it in him to just let Jayne get sucked out and die. The acting is great. You could see Jayne realized that he was probably about to die. I think his comment about “Make something up, don’t tell them what I did.” changed Mal’s mind about killing him. They had better not cancel this show although Fox has a history of canceling they’re best shows…

er… their not they’re…:smack:

Oh and before the series they was a big article in my local paper about Firefly (The actor that plays Mal was born here) and IIRC it said:
"The characters use old fashion pistols and revolvers not because high tech laser guns don’t exist but because they can’t afford them. "