Firefly on SciFi

Neat, eh?

So it looks like it starts in a week! Neat! I’ll have to do something to remind myself. I’ve always wanted to see Firefly.

I heard Fox showed it out of order, will Sci-Fi show it in the right order?

Looks like it. Should be good, I’ve never seen it mahself, but I’ve heard many good things and figured other folks should know about it.

They have Serenity first so that’s a good sign.

Serenity, The train job, Bushwacked, Shindig, Safe.

<rubs hands together>

soon…SOON…SOON we will have you! Muwahahahaha! Once you’re in, you’ll never get out!

Um, yeah. It’s a good show. Check it out!


I love the series.
Bear in mind, it’s a Good Thing it ended before the “Serenity, the Musical” episdoe.
And, the comic sucks.

When you travel faster than light, length approaches infinity and spell checkers cease to function.

I like the comic okay. (Some of the characterizations are off, but I guess I can live.) What don’t you like?

There seemed to be a lot of humor. The interaction between Jayne and Zoe seemed strange. It was too short! :slight_smile:

On tbe bright side, Sci-fi is going to show it in order.

Unfortunatly, they’re showing it at a time I can’t watch and I don’t see any repeats on the schedule. They show BSG and the two stargates twice on fridays, so why not Firefly?

They’re probably waiting to see what ratings will be like. The friday night lineup is their big moneymaker, I’d wager.

It sucks! And there wasn’t enough of it!