Firefly on the Science Channel

Was this mentioned already and I missed it?

Starting March 6 the Science Channel will begin re-running Firefly at 8 PM.

Woo-hoo! Having only ever seen them on Hulu (and I only just caught Serenity for the first time last week when SyFy ran it) I can’t wait for it in widescreen.

The entire series including the unaired episodes, as well as Serenity, are available on Netflix instant streaming.

This is pretty cool, but I was annoyed by the headline here.

“‘Firefly’ returning to cable; Fillion says he’d play Mal again”

Got me all jazzed that there were going to be new Firefly episodes with Nathan Fillion back as Mal. :frowning:

I’m glad to see Nathan Fillion would immediately bring it back if he had 300 million dollars or so. I don’t blame him. It is the best job anyone could have.

Maybe there will.

This could be interesting…

If Joss gets involved, I’m in for $20.

Oh man. Trying so hard not to get too exited, but it’s awesome to see how much the people involved with the show loved it.

I’m in for… a lot. Actually, I wonder just how much I’d pay to have firefly back. Probably into the hundreds, which is pretty crazy just to watch a TV show.

There must be some sf-loving Silicon Valley billionaire out there who’d throw some cash at this. “Mr. Whedon, Bill Gates on Line 2…”

Nathan tweeted.

I am so setting the DVR, and figuring if I can burn to DVD.

You know, you can actually buy them on DVD, right? Probably wouldn’t cost much more than the DVD blanks you’re hoping to burn them to. I’ve seen it as low as $15, shouldn’t be to hard to find it for $20 or so.

The Blurays on the other hand. Hooboy. Those are like $70. I don’t get it, that’s way too much for one (short) season of a TV show, even a great one.

And yet another once-good cable network goes into the terlet.