Heads-up for Firefly fans: Watch the 10th Anniversary Reunion show

The 10pm (EST) showing just ended, but it airs again at 1am, then Tues at 5am on the Science Channel. (284 on DirecTV) Here’s the Science Channel’s schedule for all the airings.

It’s good, watch it. The whole cast and a couple writers sit around a table and reminisce. (No Whedon, though.) They reveal some of the stories they had planned before the show was canceled (That alone made it worth watching!) and basically just shoot the shit.

Anybody who watched, feel free to discuss, but I gotta go. Mostly just wanted to give a heads-up so that people who missed it can maybe catch the 1am showing. (Or the people in other timezones…)

Squeeee!! I’d already searched my channels for it, with no luck; it’s not the Sci-Fi channel, so now I have to figure out what the science channel is.

Thanks, I owe you one.

Whoa, it’s been 10 years already?

I discovered that show on this very board.

Makes you feel…old. Very very old.

Well, I had no luck finding this channel. So I guess I’ll have to find a way around it.
Edit: I looked up providers in my area, and apparantly the only provider is the one I HAVE, so…yeah. Must be hidden in those 99 channels, somewhere.

You can find the special on various bittorrent sites now, if you have no other way of watching it.

Yep; figured out it’s on a channel I don’t have, so I did just that. Thanks :slight_smile:
But I never would have known about it without this thread, so huge thanks there.

We watched a good portion of the marathon - the show has aged well - still as much fun to watch now as it was then - the only obvious aging to it is Castle, I mean Mal - he looks so young.

I’d love to see Firefly with the more aged Mal running the ship -

The tidbits they dropped for season 2: whoa. I have trouble imagining network tv that dark.

I sure wish that Ron Glass and Gina Torres were present on the panel. Torres, did, however, have some on camera interviews but not a word from Glass.


Yeah, and the one that was the FIRST script suggested to the writer? Holy cow!

Yeah, Gina looked even better than she did on the show; of all of them, she doesn’t look like she aged at ALL! I always liked her best :slight_smile: Well, Wash, really, but I ain’t fightin’ Zoey for him, hehe.

And I loved, loved Glass and his character; I hope he’s alright physically. I don’t think I’ve noticed him doing anything related to the show at all after it ended…?

Man, I was about to post that I was maybe getting whooshed, but in case you didn’t know, Ron Glass passed away a year or two ago. Then I went to look up exactly when he died – and, of course he didn’t. Who the hell was I thinking of? Hmmph. Carry on.

I had JUST looked that up myself, and I still got all ‘ARGH!!’ when you said he died, lol. He seems to be active enough; perhaps he just doesn’t care to be that active with the show now. Well…not the show, 'cause the show is dead. But obviously the signal isn’t :slight_smile:

You know how you think <or someone/somebook/someshow suggests that everything we beam out through television is still coursing through the universe, never fading? I think Firefly’s signal got caught in the atmosphere and just picked up speed as it spun 'round the globe :slight_smile:

I just told my TiVo to record Thursday’s 1am airing (I love technology/the internet). Thanks, voltaire! :slight_smile:

OTOH, I honestly didn’t recognize Jayne until he started talking and they put his name on the screen at the beginning. I just figured he was one of the other writers. Keep in mind, I know he pops up on other shows that I don’t watch. I watched Firefly about a year ago and that was my only exposure to him.

If I didn’t see him already, I would have guessed it was Wash.

Baldwin’s definitely put on a little weight–nothing too bad, just softens and rounds him a bit. I had a hard time recognizing any of the girls other than Zoe, who just has such a strong face that she’s impossible to miss. The only one who really was unmistakable was Nathan Fillion.

Also, Summer Glau–not that hot. I don’t know if she ever was, but it really struck me with her out of character.

Fun little show–glad I heard about it.

He was there.

I think what Voltaire meant is that he wouldn’t be joining them at the discussion/roundtable.