Who else here watched this show? Who agrees that it’s the best show ever? Who else wishes bodily harm on Fox for cancelling it?

Welcome to the forum Haplo721. If you use the search function on this forum you will find many Firefly threads. They should be interesting reading.

I loved the show, and curse Fox for what they did to Firefly.

Can’t talk about it. Too depressing. :frowning:

(If you’re interested though, there were lots of threads about it during it’s all-too-brief lifespan. Do a search.)

Here are a few for you to check out:


Voicing support and agreement, welcoming Haplo to the boards, and shaking my tiny fists at the sky with a boundless wrath.

Love you, Firefly.

Did anyone catch CSI: Miami this week? Adam Baldwin (who played Jayne on Firefly) was in it as the head of a radiation decontamination team. Did a double take when I saw him. Just… odd somehow.

Same here. Missed it while it was airing (even if it is still airing I’ll never in a million years catch it–I have no discipline), but I’ve been downloading and watching episodes lately.

Finally, a science fiction show that is NOT Star Trek and doesn’t LOOK like Star Trek and what happens? Argh.

I kept looking for River after that.

Here is the status of Firefly, almost entirely bad news, but there may be a tinny glimmer of hope…

1.) All attempts thus far to get another network to pickup the show have failed; NBC, ABC, CBS, UPN, and the Sci-Fi channel all passed on picking up Firefly.
2.) The Serenity set has now been torn down
3.) At least two of the actors of the Firefly cast (Zoe and Captain Mal I believe) have moved on to other projects

There is still a chance we will be seeing new episodes of Firefly… ** three unaired ** episodes were produced, and hopefully fox, which now admits that it made a mistake in scheduling Firefly will show them eventually.

The best we can hope for at this point is for Fox to sometime reair the series, in the correct order, with the new episodes attached. Even if the ratings are better than before, with the cast and crew moving on to other projects the odds of the show starting up again appear very, very slim…

It was a great show that got better every episode. Damned shame it got cancelled. What bums me out even more is that I missed recording four of the episodes. Only have six burned to DVD. :frowning:

“Take my love, take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand…”

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

I loved it very much, and am still fighting for it however I can. It does look grim, though, doesn’t it? Some more news…

Nathan Fillion (Captain Tightpants) has been signed for a sitcom on NBC.
(Angel spoiler ahead: Gina Torres will be playing a big bad in later episodes of this season’s Angel.
Adam and Gina also seem to be taking guest spots where they can, and I expect the rest of the cast will, too. Their contracts have run out and the poor things have to eat.

It would have been on tonight…sigh.
Thank goodness I taped 'em.

I liked Firefly as well though I just saw a few episodes.

BTW if it’s any consolation the well-known NY Times columnist Paul Krugman mentioned the show in one of his columns and said he was mad at at Fox for cancelling it. A mention on the Times op-ed page is a pretty rare distinction for any show let alone a cancelled one.

Tvshowsondvd is reliable, and they’ve gotten word-of-mouth confirmation from FOX on Firefly DVDs; they’ll have more details as they get them.

Apparently, Firefly has been picked up by the U.K. Sci-Fi network (the original 13 shows - not new episodes).

This means the three unaired shows will be shown, so we’ll definitely get to see them. I’ve also heard rumors of a DVD set, which would be nice to replace my mpegs.

Best Science Fiction show on TV, ever.

Word on the street (ooh, I feel dangerous) is that Joss has plans to continue telling the Firefly story, probably through a movie or mini-series. It is not dead, but he doesn’t want to make any announcement until he has finished wrapping up Buffy, since so many fans felt betrayed last time.

“You can’t take the sky from me,” is right!

Watch **Buffy[b/] and Angel. Mal is on Buffy and Zoe is on Angel. I love how loyal the Whedon shows can be to their actors.

What’s funny is how different they are on the other shows!

Props to Joss Whedon for not just giving up and letting this thing fall through the cracks. Goes to show that if a story’s worth telling, you can always find some way to tell it.

Rock on, Firefly!

Yay! We’ll finally get to find out what was up with Book’s shady past.