Firefox 3 question: stopping firefox from searching bookmarks

When I first installed Firefox 3.0.1, I was really annoyed by the new “AwesomeBar”, which insisted on dredging through my bookmarks instead of just looking through the history as I was used to. I installed the HideUnvisited extension and forgot about it, until today. Today I finally realised that the reason Firefox had been running sluggishly recently was because it was still searching all those links, and HideUnvisited had just hidden the unwanted action, not stopped it.

Is there any way to keep links close at hand for me without Firefox taking that as permission to waste massive amounts of time looking through them?

I hate any sort of “auto suggest” feature, so I did this to FF as soon as I could to turn that shit off.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that’s not what I was hoping for. That is the method to stop Firefox searching both the history and the bookmarks. I just want it to stop searching the bookmarks, while still searching the history.

Why does an addon even exist for this? Tools > Options > Privacy, there’s a field that says, “When using the Location bar, suggest:”, and has as options, History and Bookmarks, History, Bookmarks, Nothing. Select whichever you want. Problem solved.

Because it hasn’t always been there. :rolleyes:

But it is there now, so it boggles my mind that there’s somebody maintaining this and making it compatible with current versions of Firefox. The description page indicates that it’s even compatible with the 3.6 beta.

Well my link had nothing to do with any add-ons, so IDK what brought them up at all.

That said, yes it is sad that there are add-ons that exist for the versions of FF that have the option to turn off suggestions built in.

Thank you, this option did not exist in version 3.0, and I was unaware that they were planning on implementing it.

I have issues with Firefox 3 too.

Sometimes, if you get into a bad web site or one with pop ups aborting Firefox is the best solution. Restarting the older version of Firefox prompted before reopening those tabs. Firefox 3 just opens them. :eek: I’ve searched and searched for a way to turn this off. It’s extremely dangerous.

It always prompts me.

And there is the add-on Old Location Bar, which makes the so-called AwesomeBar work like the old FF2 location bar.