Firefox 3.0 who has started using it?

I DLed the latest version of Firefox and really like it so far.
System: Imac (PPC) running OSX 10.4

Has anyone else DLed FF3 and how do you like it?

Downloading now, windows XP
If it looses all my bookmarks like 2.0 kept doing after random updates, I’m going back to explorer.

Using it right now. Kept all my bookmarks, has some nice enhancement to allow really fine-meshed security and privacy settings… seems good :slight_smile:

Now using it on OS X 10.5.3. It’s much faster than FF2.

Back up your bookmarks first. Export them as an HTML file from the Bookmark Manager or whatever they call it.

Well it seams to have kept my bookmarks, and Firefox3 appears to be…drumroll… a web browser.

I’m using it right now.

I wonder if they hit their ‘downloads in a day’ record?

I have it up and running but have a couple of simple questions. When it loaded 3.0 it didn’t self extract 2.0. What’s up with that? I’m not savy or brave enough to just trash 2.0 without the heads up from someone wiser than I. (I’m always worried I won’t extract all the parts and it will screw the whole thing up.)

Anyone else having this issue? What’d you do?

Do I need to uninstall FF2 before I install FF3?

I downloaded it last night. So far, I like it. I didn’t have to worry about losing my bookmarks. Firefox 2 was nice enough to delete them **again ** a few days ago.

I tried it, but didn’t really find anything about it that I wanted or liked more than the feature set in version 2. I guess if the rendering engine is faster, I’ll like that.

I’ve been using it in beta for a while already. I absolutely love the new system for handling bookmarks - that’s really the clincher for me. Beyond that, though, I’m not noticing any major changes from version 2.

I’ve been using v.3 for several months now, starting with the third beta on through the latest release candidate. As far as I can tell, it is excellent.

The new system being I can actually keep them for more than one week now? :slight_smile:
OK 'll stop bitching about bookmarks, but I don’t see any difference in the way it handles book marks, or is it some behind the scenes technowidjety thing?

So when y’all downloaded FF3, did you then trash FF2? How many folders did you have to delete and where were they located?

It’s running, two computers, it’s pretty, works the same as the beta.

No. However, Opera 9.5 has been released and I love that. Opera is the browser that Firefox steals all its ideas from.

Been running it since Beta 2, love it. As for the bookmark loss bug in FF2, if you are comfortable looking for your profile folder (in hidden folders in your user data folder on Windows) and it’s been less than a week, you can probably get your bookmarks back. PM me if you would like more info, it’s too long to type out if no one needs it.

Well, I’m apparently running it too.

I had been using the beta, but I guess one of the latest automatic updates gave me the actual release… I didn’t know it’d do that.

Hey! The tooltip text on XKCD is no longer truncated!

(It works on the SDMB now too.)

What I’ve read about the specs make it sound like a great upgrade. It is very competitive in rendering, and uses less memory than even Opera.

It only took them 8 years to fix it. Not bad.

I downloaded and installed FF3 last night, and didn’t have to do a thing to FF2.

I have never had a problem with FF2 losing my bookmarks, but I exported them before the install just to be on the safe side.

A few of my plugins/add-ons aren’t compatible yet (I shall miss you, Add Bookmark Here), but the important ones (Forecastfox and FireFTP) are still working.

All in all, I’m a pretty big FF fan. Been using it since is was called Phoenix. :slight_smile: I hate that we’re restricted to IE (and 6.0, at that) here at work.