Firefox 4.0 for Mac. Something's missing.

Using Firefox 4.0 for Mac OSX 10.6.6. Fresh install. Navigation is missing curved “refresh” arrow and “X” to stop the load of a page. Why? How do I get them to appear?
Every iteration of Firefox I’ve used before has them on the upper far left, near the
< and > arrows.

Poked around Preferences, I do not see how to bring them in. Cannot believe they’re no longer an option.


In version 3, it’s under View->Toolbars->Customize.

I looked. Neither of those icons are in there. No X, no curved “Reload Page” arrow. Cool to see what I can put in there, but those are crucial elements moment to moment using Firefox ( or any browser ).

Really weird.

Are they doing the Safari thing? Safari puts the (X) and (reload) buttons at the end of the address box, and they alternate according to whether the page is loaded or loading.

Oh my lord. Nice catch. I did NOT see them there- conditioned to see them far on the left or not at all. Thank you so much. -embarassed-.

We can lock this thread. I’ll email a Mod.


FYI you can get the dedicated reload/stop button in the toolbar with an add-on.